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November 03, 2005

Alleged hate crime sparks hateful response

From the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard...

A Scripture-quoting hate crime directed at gay and lesbian students at Lane Community College has spawned a series of forums beginning next week that will examine what the Bible has to say about sexual orientation and gender identity. 

The clergy-led panel discussions are in response to an incident last May in which someone scrawled hateful words - and a citation from Leviticus - on a banner at the offices of the Queer Straight Alliance, an LCC student group, said Susan Matthews, the college's Multicultural Center director. 

The act of vandalism "was very frightening, and stressed the students tremendously," Matthews said. "It also raised questions about the Bible." ...

At the first forum next week, for example, two ministers and a rabbi will explore such questions as the Bible's social context, whether it was "God-written or God-inspired," and arguments for and against literal interpretation.

How long has it been since one of these anti-homosexual vandalism cases didn't turn out to be a homosexual trying to get people to sympathize with their cause? Second, where I come from the very title this group uses has always been considered an offensive slur—so how are the rest of us supposed to keep track of what these people are calling “hatefule” from minute to minute? Lastly, do they really think those of us who actually read the Bible would for a moment take seriously the attempts of unrepentant sinners and pseudo-christians to strip the Bible of its meaning?

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 3, 2005 05:46 AM

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