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November 21, 2005

BlogAdSwap delivers a quarter of a million ads!

This morning we reached a milestone of 250,000 ads displayed on the network of blogs and web sites that are a part of BlogAdSwap's membership. With so many new sites joining each day, I expect to be doing much, much more. Some day in the not so distant future that quarter of a million number may be our daily average! The response rate is still phenomenal, with most members getting around one click for every 100 ads shown. That high of a response rate really surprised me since my own experience showed ads on blog got from 1:3000 to as much as 1:50,000 (clicks:impressions), but by targeting the categories, as well as the freedom to design the ads seems to be producing a much better response to the ads.

If you've got a blog or a web site and want more traffic, join up. It's free and you get 500 impressions credited to your account just for signing up.

Oh, BTW, I'll make this post an open trackback, just make sure to link back here.

Pings: The Political Teens, Don Surber, Third World Country

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 21, 2005 07:35 AM

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