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November 09, 2005

Book Magazine Review: The Old Schoolhouse, Fall 2005

The following is a review done on behalf of Mind & Media. The copy of the magazine I reviewed was donated by the publisher, through Mind & Media for the purpose of this review.

This issue, as usual, is a gold mine of information. The article on the publishers' family move to Tennessee is a nice read, and lets you know a bit more about the family that puts together such a great magazine. There's a nice article about the place and need for higher education, and how Homeschoolers should prepare, plus several related articles later in the magazine. And there's a nice interview with Douglas Gresham, the late C.S. Lewis' step-son. together with an article on the upcoming Narnia movie.

The article that stood out is the one titled, “What to Do When the CPS Come Knocking”. Having been the victims of an overzealous and incompetent social worker, we found the article to be of great value. My wife suggested we photocopy it to give to friends, but I reminded her that it would more than likely be copyrighted. Hopefully the publishers will attempt to make reprints of the article available by itself, as the Reader's Digest has done so often in the past. I'm sure given the valuable information contained in it, quite a number of people would want copies. But, since back issues are available, if you don't already have a subscription, get this one, or even better, get a subscription.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 9, 2005 04:52 PM

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