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November 07, 2005

California city fight back against ACLU bigots

From the San Bernadino County Sun...

A year and a half ago, the American Civil Liberties Union told Redlands officials that two residents had complained that the city's 42-year-old logo promoted Christianity because it bore the image of a cross. The rights group threatened to sue.

The City Council voted in closed session to remove the cross from the logo.

On Tuesday, Redlands voters are to decide whether the cross should be returned and tax dollars should be used in a legal battle that could cost upwards of $500,000.

Stars have risen in the firmament of this suburban drama. But two names don't even make the credits the purported church-state whistle-blowers.

That's left many wondering: Who are the Redlands Two?

"If you find them, let me know," said Scott Siegel, one of the most vocal supporters of the cross logo. "I'd be interested to find out if they really exist."

The antics of closed-minded bigots should never trump basic American freedoms. Bravo to the people of Redlands for standing up to the ACLU bullies. 

An ACLU spokesthug had the gall to say...

“We weren't looking to pick a fight with the city of Redlands.”

Yeah, right, and I've got some great, ocean-front property in Montana to sell you.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 7, 2005 06:28 AM

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