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November 10, 2005

Comedy at the White House

From NewsMax...

Muhammad Ali, his hands shaking and eyes reflecting the White House chandeliers, accepted the nation's highest civilian award from President Bush on Wednesday.

Bush called him "the Greatest of All Time" and "a man of peace," and tied the Presidential Medal of Freedom around the former heavyweight champion's neck.

Mohammad Ali, now isn't he the former Cassius Clay, who after making his living beating up on people, claimed he couldn't be drafted because, as a Moslem, he had religious convictions against violence? Then when the Olympic Committee demanded he give his gold medals back, he lied and said he'd lost them, then later lied again and claimed he threw them in a river in protest of racism. Yeah, that's the guy.

He's getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Is that supposed to represent his freedom to doge the draft with silly lies, and his freedom to make millions being an arrogant, pompous bore while complaining about how tough he has it because his skin is dark?

Bush sure has a sense of humor, doesn't he.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 10, 2005 06:29 AM

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