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November 23, 2005

Hitler beckons

From Christianity Today Weblog...

It used to be, in decades past, that when babies were discovered to have Down syndrome, they were institutionalized. Fortunately, today there are many opportunities for mainstream education and productive living for them, at least for those who make it to birth. As Beverly Beckham writes in The Boston Globe, "Doctors today would never suggest institutionalizing a baby with Down. Today's trend is to abort them. Since screening became a routine part of prenatal care in the early 1990s, 80 to 90 percent of babies considered likely to be born with Down syndrome (the tests are not perfect) have been eliminated."

A new test announced earlier this month is able to identify unborn babies with Down syndrome as early as the 11 week of pregnancy. Previous tests were done at 15 weeks. According to The Washington Post, "Screening women before the second trimester allows those who might opt to terminate a pregnancy to make that decision when doctors say an abortion is safer and less traumatic."

However, this week The New York Times ran two stories that question the accepted wisdom of aborting unborn babies who may have genetic diseases. "We're trying to make a place for ourselves in society at a time when science is trying to remove at least some of us," said Andrew Imparato, president of the American Association of People with Disabilities, who suffers from bipolar disorder. "For me, it's very scary."

Michael Bérubé, co-director of the disabilities studies program at Pennsylvania State University, worries that "the more people who think the condition is grounds for termination of a pregnancy, the more likely it will be that you'll wind up with a society that doesn't welcome those people once they're here."

As a father of two children with congenital conditions I find the idea of aborting a child because of genetic abnormalities to be so outrageous as to be inhuman. I've known plenty of people with Down's Syndrome, and they live fine lives, are loved by their families and actually contribute more to society than a lot of other people I know. Abortion is sickening enough, but to murder a child because you think it's not "perfect" is exactly what Hitler tried to do, except on a smaller scale. We demonize Hitler, yet make excuses for the individual Hitlers who practice their own bloody eugenics programs in abortuaries across the nation. 

And any doctor who'd say an abortion is safer and less traumatic than giving birth should have his license revoked. At the least, it's a sign that that's a doctor you don't want anywhere near you or your family.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 23, 2005 07:51 AM

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