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November 23, 2005

Homosexual activists and pseudo-Christian "churches"

From the Christian Post...

Conservative leaders from across denominational and geographic borders issued a joint letter warning against “third way” proposals that may change mainline church teachings on sexuality.

“This letter is a shot across the bow of those who, having failed in a frontal assault on biblical standards barring sex outside the marriage of man and woman, are now trying to subvert the standards indirectly,” said the Rev. James V. Heidinger, chair of the Association of Church Renewal that sent out the letter. ...

Traditionally, Christians either believed homosexuality is a sin or believed homosexuality – if examined closely in today’s context – is not a sin. This new strategy introduces a “third way” viewpoint on the sexuality debate, where churches agree that homosexuality is a sin but gives room for individuals, churches, and bodies room to dissent...

Such a strategy has already been adopted in several denominations, including the Episcopal Church U.S.A. and the American Baptist Church. The ECUSA, which is currently embroiled in an international brawl over ordination standards, in 1996 adopted a decision that said that Christian teachings against homosexuality were not “core doctrine.” In the ABC, the denominational policies say the practice of homosexuality is incompatible to Christian teaching, but the church allows some congregations to dissent.

Oh really, well lets take a look at how the Liberal pseudo-Christians practices this "third way".

From WorldNetDaily...

Rochester's Episcopal diocese in New York voted Saturday to shut down All Saints Episcopal Church in Irondequoit, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.

The church's property and other assets are to be turned over to the trustees of the diocese. 

The church refused to pay $16,000 it owed the diocese after the 2003 ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson in New Hampshire – a practicing homosexual – and the denomination's decision to give individual dioceses liberty to bless same-sex unions....

Rev. Denise Yarbrough of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Penn Yan, N.Y., said, "We didn't kick them out. They chose to go." 

Yarbrough, a lesbian, said she and others offered to dialogue with parishioners, but they were refused. 

All Saints plans to continue operating and possibly be a home for others in the diocese who disagree with the Episcopal Church of the USA, according to Walck.

So it appears the way Liberal, pretend Christians practice this "third way" is for them to do anything they want, but those they oppose must pay them to do it, and if they don't, their church is shut down. Here's a clue why the All Saints church should have seen this coming...

The Rev. Canon Carolyn Lumbard, a spokeswoman for the diocese, told the Rochester paper she had come to know many at All Saints after working with them for four years. 

"I know their struggle is their struggle, just like my struggle is my struggle," she said. "I don't understand theirs and they don't understand mine, either." 

But she emphasized the congregation still must pay its share of the dues.

The Bible is very clear about who is and who is not qualified for church leadership, and in 1 Timothy 3:2 the Bible requires a Bishop (a requirement repeated in every other leadership position) to be the husband of one wife. When the ECUSA has already shown enough disrespect for the Bible to ignore that, is it really any surprise that they "ordain" a lesbian or even shut down a church that disagreed with them.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 23, 2005 07:51 AM

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