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November 17, 2005

NBC: No Brain Communications

From WorldNetDaily...

Two members of a civilian border-patrol group similar to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps were depicted as guilty of murder in tonight's episode of NBC's "Law & Order."

But the show which often promotes its plots as being "ripped from the headlines" came under fire from the co-founder of the group, which claimed on-air promotions of the episode portrayed the real-life Minutemen as murderers.

The 60-minute episode, titled "New York Minute" perhaps as a reference to the Minutemen, centered on the probe into the murder of a human smuggler responsible for the deaths of a truckload of illegal aliens.

I stopped watching Law&Order a long time ago because of the idiotic, blatantly-Liberal plots. Comments from viewer on the website "Jump the Shark" show that many are dissatisfied with NBC's attempt to force feed their political ideology down viewer's throats...

...An increasing tendency to preach a liberal political line has also contributed to the show's downhill slide. Now, the show is often about how "enlightened" and forward-thinking the main characters are, rather than about how they solve an interesting crime.

The show jumped the shark the day they replaced Michael Moriarity with Sam Waterson. Since then, the show has slowly but surely gone from an entertaining hour of twists and turns, to an hour of typical Hollywood Liberal soap box moments. In every episode we are hit with tired old liberal cliches like all men are sexist pigs, guns and gun owners are lunatics who want to kill children, anti-abortion and religious people are fanatics and dangerous lunatics, HMO's and corporations are evil, yada, yada, yada, yada with Waterson's Jack McCoy delivering these silly diatribes that are so far-fetched that they become asinine.

...Too much liberal claptrap there.

They set the stage for this when they fired Michael Moriarty for daring to question Janet Reno's thuggish tactics. I just wonder how in the world Fred Thompson ever got on there.

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Stop the ACLU, California Conservative, The Strata-Sphere, The Citizen Journal

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 17, 2005 05:50 AM

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I need to email you, but I cannot find a contact link. I guess I'll just tell you here.

First, thank you for adding a syndication to my site upon your Eleven O'Clock News site. This is a great site and I have been using it religiously to get all my news.

It is even greater now that it syndicates my site. :)

BUT, I have moved my site and I think it messed it up upon yours.

My feed address is feeds.feedburner.com/sofyst

Thank you for all you do.

fellow Jack lover,
awaiting the hope,

Posted by: sofyst at November 18, 2005 06:52 AM

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