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November 04, 2005

Next time some moron start spouting off about legalizing drugs...

From the Billings Gazette...

Wyoming's methamphetamine crisis is leading to steep increases in the number of children placed into foster homes and treatment programs and the state needs to increase spending to keep pace, the director of the state's Department of Family Services told an interim legislative committee on Wednesday. 

Rodger McDaniel, department director, told members of the Joint Appropriations Interim Committee that his department projects a $6.5 million budget shortfall for the two-year budget period that ends next June 30. 

The state had originally budgeted $42.1 million to cover the cost of court-ordered placements of children during the two-year period. Actual expenses will likely exceed $48.7 million, McDaniel said....

The number of children taken from their parents within a week of birth increased from 10 in the period from July 2003 through June 2004 up to 39 in the period from July 2004 through this June. Of those newborns taken in the last year, 85 percent of the children had drug abuse identified, and 72 percent were associated with methamphetamine. 

"My assessment is that it has largely been driven by the substance abuse problem, and within that context meth is a big driver," McDaniel said of the increase in the number of placements. 

"Meth poses a hideous threat to kids," McDaniel said.

Imagine how big he problem would be if drugs were legal.

Okay, some pot head out there is going to argue that the state could have been selling/taxing the “harmless” drugs and using the revenues to fund these costs. But to the tune of $6.5 billion?!? And that's just in Wyoming, which is one of the least populated states. If they taxed or sold drugs at prices high enough to fund this problem it would require such a high price that, first very little would sell and second it would be the same as making them illegal because they would be legally unobtainable, leaving the state back in exactly the same boat but with the added burden of endorsing the use of these drugs.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 4, 2005 05:34 AM

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