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November 15, 2005

PBS (emphasis on the BS) sued for libel (big surprise there)

From AgapePress...

The controversial PBS film Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories features mothers who have purportedly lost custody of their children in divorce to physically abusive husbands. However, it has been revealed that one of the moms featured in the film has a rap sheet for child abuse.

Los Angeles-based newspaper columnist Glenn Sacks has uncovered documents showing PBS chose to ignore the fact that, in 1998, a California court found Sadia Loeliger guilty of eight counts of child abuse. In Breaking the Silence, she is portrayed as the victim of anti-mother bias in family courts. According to Sacks, PBS ignored facts available about the mom and her 16-year-old daughter, as well as a request from the girl's father she not be included in the film.

"The father in the case, Dr. Scott Loeliger, had been writing [to PBS] starting back in April, telling them that the mother had this history of abuse, offering to show them the documents, and asking that his daughter not be made a part of this film," Sacks explains.

"They basically ignored him for six months and went ahead and put the mother in [the film] anyway. And now it looks like they're going to be facing a libel lawsuit over it."

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which passes funds to public broadcasters, receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year in federal funding. Sacks believes Breaking the Silence is an example of why PBS should lose government funding.

From GlennSacks.com...

Doris Nava Arellano, Sadia's babysitter for 18 months, testified that "every child in the house is afraid" of Sadia and that “Sara actually has scars on the back of her legs and on the left side of her head from Ms. Ali-Loeliger's attacks on her.”

Sara, then aged 15, penned a desperate letter detailing the abuse she suffered at Sadia's hands, writing “she hits in front of anyone anywhere with anything. I fear for my life sometimes. Just recently she hit me in the head.”...

A child abuse investigator for Tehama County wrote that Fatima, then age eight, "says she is afraid to go home because she fears being hit again. She also expressed concern for the two other female minors in her mother's residence."

A therapist who conducted investigations for Shasta County Child Protective Services wrote that Fatima "told me she did not want to go home because she was afraid her mother was going to hit her."

Another therapist wrote "On two separate occasions this child reported to me that she was burned 'with a match' by her mother, Sadia Ali Loeliger....I am extremely concerned regarding this child's welfare."

Glenn Sacks has an entire section dedicated to exposing the PBS “expose”.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 15, 2005 06:10 AM

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