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November 18, 2005

Protecting children from molestation ruled constitutional

You can sometimes tell when the Liberals that run the Ass. Press don't like a story but have to run anyway, when they screw up the grammar. You'd think the AP could find people who know how to write sentences that make sense, but if it's in a story they'd just as soon nobody read, then bad grammar serves a purpose.

A state judge on today ruled that a law that allows parents to sue people who help their daughters get abortions without their consent is constitutional.

But Jackson County Circuit Judge Charles Atwell issued an injunction against enforcing the law pending an expected appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Pretty confusing isn't it.

To put it in words that can be understood...

The state of Missouri made a law that imposed penalties on anyone who assists underage girls in obtaining an abortion without their parents' knowledge. The Missouri Pedophiles for Choice along with their allies in the ACLU filed suit to get the law thrown out. (Apparently it interfered with their right to hide the evidence of their molestation of young girls). Jackson County Circuit Judge Charles Atwell issued an injunction against enforcing the law pending an expected appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court claiming that the law might violate someone's freedom of speech and right to due process. [rolling eyes] That was then.


Atwell ruled today that providing information on reproductive rights and options to minors would be protected speech. In a written ruling, he said given his narrowing construction of the language’s meaning, he found “with substantial trepidation” that the law is constitutional.

Gov. Matt Blunt said in a written statement that he was pleased with the ruling and had been confident it would withstand constitutional scrutiny and reduce the number of abortions in Missouri....

Missourians under 18 have long been required to obtain consent of a parent, guardian or court before getting an abortion. When they passed the law, legislators said the new civil liability provisions were aimed at people who help teenagers get abortions in Illinois, which has no parental consent law.

The legislation also requires physicians who provide abortions to have clinical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. That provision went into effect after the closure of a Springfield clinic that had challenged it in federal court.

As far as I know, the law hasn't been changed, but the judge reversed himself. Looks like somebody was attempting to legislate from the bench and got called on it. The question one would ask is...why was Judge Atwell so quick to favor the “rights” of pedophiles over the safety of children?

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Posted by Danny Carlton at November 18, 2005 07:30 AM

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