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November 29, 2005

Religion of Evolution wipes egg off face, again

From WorldNetDaily...

Developments in deep-drilling for natural gas present serious challenges to those who still maintain "Fossil-Fuel" theories as to the origin of complex hydrocarbon fuels.

The Western world's record for deep-well natural-gas exploration and production is held by the GHK Company in Oklahoma....Since the company's founding in the mid-1980s, GHK reports drilling and operating 193 wells, the majority of which are below 15,000 feet, without experiencing a blowout. GHK's success ratio for all drilling operations, including wildcat exploratory drilling, from 1995 to 2005 has been 82 percent....

Many "Peak-Production" theorists appear today to be ready to abandon the "Fossil-Fuel" theory of oil's origin, as long as they are yet able to argue that we are going to run out of hydrocarbon fuels in just a few years from now. Still, the common wisdom remains that natural gas, like oil, is a "fossil fuel." For those who have any doubt that the "Fossil-Fuel" theory is the politically correct version of the origin of natural gas, the Energy Information Agency's "Energy for Kids" page explains how millions of years ago the remains of plants and animals decayed into organic material that became trapped in rocks until pressure and heat changed some of this organic material into coal, oil and natural gas....

In Japan, gas has been produced from granite at a depth of 4,300 meters (2.7 miles). Those who doubt that natural gas can be found in bedrock structures should visit the website of Teikoku Oil, a Japanese company that has developed drilling equipment specifically designed to explore for natural gas in and below bedrock levels.

Even those who might stretch to argue that even if no dinosaurs ever died in sedimentary rock that today lies 30,000 feet below the surface, might still argue that those levels contain some type of biological debris that has transformed into natural gas. That argument, a stretch at 30,000 feet down, is almost impossible to make for basement structure bedrock. Japan's Nagaoka and Niigata fields produce natural gas from bedrock that is volcanic in nature. What dinosaur debris could possibly be trapped in volcanic rock found at deep-earth levels?

The religion of Evolution is almost daily embarrassed by revelations exposing its silliness, which the Evolutionists respond to by changing the dogma of their religion (which is typical of cults) and pretending they'd been right all along. Meanwhile archeology continues to confirm that the Bible is true, in spite of the claims of skeptics. Yet we teach the religion of Evolution is science class, and ban the Bible from government schools. Does that make sense?

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 29, 2005 05:59 AM

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I've been trying to reach you via email, but I must be blind and cannot find ur email address. Can you drop me a line...basically wanting to see if you'd like to contribute articles at Spero News.


Posted by: Robert at November 30, 2005 03:55 AM

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