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November 08, 2005

Religious groups threaten Kansas school board

From Agape Press...

The Kansas Board of Education is looking at adopting science standards that would teach students more about evolution, including some of the scientific challenges to the theory. That plan has angered the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), which have threatened to deny Kansas use of their science standards and copyrighted education materials.

In an October 26 letter to the Kansas Department of Education, NSTA president Mike Padilla says the majority of the state's proposed standards "could proudly serve as a model for other states to emulate," but that there are errors regarding the theory of evolution.

"[T]he standards, as currently written, will result in Kansas students being confused about the scientific process and ill-prepared both for the rigors of higher education and for the increasingly technological and scientific challenges we face as a nation," the NSTA letter states. "Specifically, the ... standards fail to recognize the theory of evolution as a major unifying theme of science and the foundation of all biology."

For that reason, says NSTA, it has asked the Kansas State Board of Education to "refrain from referencing or quoting" NSTA standards....

A spokesman for the Kansas Department of Education says the board will likely approve the proposed science standards that include teaching scientific challenges to Darwinian theory. The board is to vote on the changes tomorrow (Nov. 7). Nothing would have to change immediately in what is taught, notes the Wichita Eagle, because the state science test will not change to match the standards for two years.

Bravo to the Kansas DOE for not kow-towing to the two religious groups pretending to advocate “science”. That'll put Kansas students ahead of the rest of the nation for not having to endure a complete censorship of any science that goes against the religion of Evolution.

Posted by Danny Carlton at November 8, 2005 05:21 AM

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Was that intentional, calling NSTA and NAS "religious groups"? If I catch your intention correctly, I agree 100%. Sure, they're also science groups, but their underlying agenda has to do with promoting and maintaining a worldview.

Posted by: Tom Gilson at November 8, 2005 09:34 AM

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