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November 12, 2005

Yet another new site!!

I'd been toying with the potential uses for RSS feeds for awhile and had put together some test page to explore the possibilities. this weekend I finally put it all together into a site that should prove very useful to a lot of people.

The site is Eleven O'Clock News. And uses RSS feeds from various news sources to create a sort of one stop news site for browsing headlines. I know it will save me time, because now I can focus on this one site for a lot of my news reading rather than popping into dozens of other sites. (I always open the individual articles in a new window, so I can keep track of where I am). I included all of the blogs on my frequent visiting list that had feeds that I could use.

Interesting enough, I'd spent a lot of time trying to get various XML processors to work, and finally had to write one of my own. Some of the feeds from blogs that I wasn't able to use are atom feeds, so I may try to see how to process that format, so I can include those as well.


Posted by Danny Carlton at November 12, 2005 05:00 PM

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Thank you so much, it is a wonderfully convenient way to get everything I need all in one. You are a frekin genius. :)

Posted by: sofyst at November 14, 2005 04:48 AM

Although, I think there is an error on the Washington Times links. Too many '/''s as far as I can see.

Posted by: sofyst at November 14, 2005 04:54 AM

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