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December 14, 2005

Orwell's England

From the Cambridge Evening News...

[Lynette Burrows,] [t]he author of Fight for the Family was discussing civil partnerships for gay couples on Radio Five Live. Regarding gay adoption, she said a girl would not be placed for adoption with two heterosexual men.

She said: "Nobody trusts men with girls but they will give a little boy to two homosexuals, which is madness."

After the broadcast, police in London received a complaint from a member of the public, and a policewoman contacted Mrs Burrows.

Mrs Burrows said: "She said to me a homophobic incident had been registered against me. She admitted it wasn't against the law so I said 'why are you wasting my time?'

"She said it was their policy to investigate remarks considered to be homophobic. I was expressing a perfectly standard opinion on matters of public interest. It is a sinister thing if police are forming their own policy regardless of the law."

Mrs Burrows added: "I think the issue of gay adoption is something which ought to be spoken about. The idea of telling you you can't talk about it is so repressive, it's like the KGB calling you up."

How soon before such nonsense begins here in the states? Apparently it's already here.

From AgapePress...

A student employee at William Patterson University (WPU) in New Jersey has been cleared of sexual harassment charges. The exoneration of 63-year-old part-time student and campus technician Jihad Daniel comes some time after the university's initial reprimand of him for raising objections to homosexuality in his reply to an e-mail promoting a movie and discussion about lesbian relationships.

Initially, WPU found Daniel guilty of violating the school's discrimination policy for privately referring to homosexuality and lesbianism as "perversions" and requesting that he receive no further e-mail "about 'Connie and Sally' and 'Adam and Steve.'" His comments were written in response to an unsolicited e-mail from Arlene Holpp Scala, a Women's Studies professor at the school, who sent out a mass e-mail plugging a planned screening and discussion of a film about lesbian relationships.

Professor Scala complained about Daniel's e-mail, bringing it to the university administration's attention. Last June, the school issued the student employee a formal letter of reprimand which noted that, since the word "perversion" is considered "derogatory or demeaning," he was guilty of violating not only the university's non-discrimination policy but state discrimination and harassment regulations as well....

After facing public criticism for its actions, WPU rescinded Daniel's punishment, officially revoking the reprimand against him. Greg Lukianoff, FIRE's Director of Legal and Public Policy, calls the university's reversal "a long overdue victory" for the student-worker and also "a vindication of basic First Amendment rights."

While both cases were resolved well, they should never have occurred in the first place.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 14, 2005 06:45 AM

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This kind of reverse discrimination needs to stop.

Thanks for the post.


Posted by: It's me, T.J. at December 14, 2005 05:42 PM

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