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December 05, 2005

PM/OSM/PM or whatever they're called today

From James Wolcott...

With all the kindness in my heart that I could scrape together on short notice, I tried to warn The Nation's David Corn that by lending his name to the blog roster of Pajamas Media, he risked being associated with the worst sort of wharf rats and riffraff. None would condemn him for seeking other inklings of steady income, but not if it meant working the piano bar in a house of ill-repute. Corn spurned my well-intentioned counsel, deflecting my Polonious advice by casting aspersions upon Vanity Fair. If he had only listened, he might have spared himself needless shame. That's what happens when you let pride overrule the nagging voice of reason. ...

Corn isn't the only lefty modeling a vivid shade of chagrin this winter. Marc Cooper also signed on as a cavalry member of F Troop. He insists that he did so with his eyes open. In which case he ought to have his eyes checked, rinsed, and rotated. 

Cooper had what I thought was a very indecorous response to readers who heckled him in his comments section for associating with some of blogworld's most prominent banshees and mouth-foamers such as--oh, well, just go look at their blogroll. It's like a parade march of outpatients and . [sic]

I never read James Wolcott, in fact don't believe I've ever heard of him before stumbling across this post today. Can't say I will make much of an effort to read him again since he makes little sense, seems rather stuck on himself and has a foul mouth. That being said. He's apparently jumped on the "Hiss, Boo, Pajamas Media" bandwagon, which like the "Hiss, Boo, Wal-Mart" bandwagon consists mainly of people annoyed at an entities success and echoes real complaints along with invented complaints to paint them as the newest incarnation of Satan. Like Wal-Mart, PM has some serious problems they need to deal with, the least of which are the hate-groupies that make a hobby of lofting insults at them. Wolcott's main gripe seems to be that so many of the founding members of PM are [gasp] Conservatives. And it's amusing to watch him rant, oblivious to how utterly silly that "revelation" makes him look.

PM does have problems. I have an email to them asking about their apparent reversal of the policy I enquired about earlier this year.

In May, after being contacted by them I asked...

Although I currently don't use blogads.com, I'd like to keep that option open. From the wording of this it certainly seems it would preclude me from using them. You guys were saying that you didn't want to interfere with them, how is that going to work?

They replied...

Jack, you can take other ads. You are not precluded from that. Once you sign up, we'll have a formal Advertising Contract for you to read, which will be ready within the week, and that contract will go into a lot more detail. However, our idea is to allow you to continue taking other ads.

-- Jill for Pajamas Media

Twice now I've had bloggers turn down BlogAdSwap because they say they've signed with Pajamas Media and are not allowed to have other ads. America thrives because of Capitalism. Capitalism works when competition thrives. Forcing people into exclusive contracts runs counter to that principle. Not only do I not demand any sort of exclusivity with BlogAdSwap, I'll remind members of their obligation to their current advertisers, such a BlogAds, and to make sure the placement of their BlogAdSwap ads doesn't violate the terms of the usage of BlogAds. The point should be that each should succeed on the merits of their product, not on conning people into contracts that exclude the competition. Isn't that the very thing we complain about Microsoft?!?

Admittedly, I'm still waiting to hear from PM about whether or not that actually is part of the contract these bloggers have signed or simply a misunderstanding. We'll wait to see.

Some other interesting comments.

From Panhandle Pundit...

If you're a moderate to right blogger, it's almost impossible to build an audience anymore unless you're being read and linked by a relatively small number of other bloggers. Instapundit. The Corner. Little Green Footballs. Roger Simon. And so on. And I mean no one any disrespect, but I can't tell you the number of times I've been totally enthralled with bloggers I've found via Technorati or some other system who are unknowns, then only to click over to Insty and try reading some of his links and think, "Why in the hell am I reading this? This sucks." I was initially under the impression that a venture named Pajamas Media might help fix this hierarchy, but I was apparently quite wrong there.

From 8763 Wonderland...

Just when it looked like the blogosphere was evolving to the point where profits could be reaped beyond the pennies received from Google Ad Sense and Amazon Associates, along comes a diminutive Captain Queeg with no clear business plan to ruin it all for everyone else.

In all honesty, the quickest way to make me run from participation in a project is to use the words "business model". I've sat through two hour meeting where people droned on and on discussing policy implementation, all of which could have just as easily been accomplished with a half-a-dozen words in a memo, except that then two hours of time wouldn't have been wasted and the person leading the meeting wouldn't have had his ego coaxed by having all those people sit around listening to him waiting for the point. I kept having this fear of Gary Cole walking in to say, "Yeah...well...right...did you get the memo?" (I had my red stapler well hid, just in case)

Speaking of BlogAdSwap, we should be hitting 1 million ads displayed sometime today. Can you feel the excitement?!?

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 5, 2005 06:02 AM

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