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December 07, 2005

Redefining Christianity for Christmas

From the Washington State King County Journal...

Medina Elementary School officials took down a Christmas-themed ``giving tree'' Monday after a parent complained about its religious connotations.

Chris Metzger, office manager at Medina, said the spiral, lighted Christmas tree with a star on top was up for about a week before it was removed.

The tree had mittens on it with a different gift idea attached to each. The idea was for students to take a mitten, get the gift listed, wrap it up and return it to school along with the mitten.

Organized by students in the Community Kids program, presents from the giving tree are going to be given to students at Lake Hills Elementary School, Metzger said.

After the tree was taken down, the mittens were taped to a counter in the main office so the gift-giving could continue.

``Now we just have a giving counter,'' joked Metzger

Since the Christmas tree isn't Christian, the only religious act was removing it because of the religious views of the idiot who thought it was.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 7, 2005 05:35 AM

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