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December 13, 2005

So who exactly is supposed to be bashing who?

From WordlNetDaily...

Jason Robbins, 26, was arrested Dec. 4 outside the East Pikeland Township, Pa., home of Linda K. Beckman, one of the 11 Christians arrested last year at the homosexual "OutFest" event in Philadelphia after preaching to the gathered crowd and displaying banners with biblical messages....

Robbins is a part of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action, which has actively opposed Repent America, the organization that sponsored the OutFest demonstration and other anti-homosexual protests.

"We went to their neighborhood to say that two can play this game," Josh Freedman, a spokesman for Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action, told the local paper – which reported the action was specifically meant to avenge protests by Repent America.

The protesters allegedly were using foul language outside the Beckman home, prompting neighbors to call police....

Upon arriving at the scene, Officer Richard L. [seriously, this is his name] Fagley Sr. reportedly ordered Robbins out of his vehicle – he was watching as his approximately eight cohorts protested outside the house. The policeman says the suspect struck him and cursed at him.

"I opened the door, and he punched me, and as I guided him from the car he kept pushing me into the ice-covered street," Fagley reported.

My first questions is, play what game. The Christian group was arrested for carrying signs at a public rally. A public rally. This homosexual group is harassing the Christians at their home. How is that even close to the same game?

My next question is, if the Christians were arrested for carrying signs in a public place, amidst hundreds of others also carrying signs, why did it take one of the homosexuals actually hitting a cop before they were stopped?

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 13, 2005 06:51 AM

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