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December 22, 2005

State of Oregon missing sense of humor

From the Seattle Times...

When asked on a form he was filling out if he had a disability, former Oregon state Sen. Neil Bryant wrote: "white/male."

It was meant as a joke, but the notation was written on his nomination form to serve on the board of Oregon Health & Science University, a position for which Gov. Ted Kulongoski had recommended him.

Bryant has now withdrawn his name from consideration and apologized....

On Tuesday, Sen. Jackie Winters, a Salem Republican, expressed surprise. She said Bryant is viewed as a moderate Republican, known for his fairness and balance.

"I'm really speechless because you don't expect that kind of response," said Winters. "Certainly, it's not appropriate. It's not humorous."

I think it's hilarious. It's sad that Oregonians seem to have lost any semblance of a sense of humor.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 22, 2005 05:30 AM

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