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December 27, 2005

The Clinton Machine lives on

From WorldNetDaily...

Over 10 years ago, independent counsel David Barrett was charged with investigating former Clinton Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros in relation to his lying to the FBI about tax fraud he committed trying to cover up payments to a mistress. Though Cisneros pleaded guilty in 1999, Barrett, in the course of his probe, found evidence of wrongdoing within the IRS and Justice Department in relation to the Cisneros fraud.

An IRS whistleblower told Barrett, a Republican, of a cover-up surrounding the Cisneros matter.

Writes columnist Robert Novak: "The informant said a regional IRS official had formulated a new rule enabling him to transfer an investigation of Cisneros to Washington to be buried by the Justice Department. Barrett's investigators found Lee Radek, head of Justice's public integrity office, determined to protect President Bill Clinton."

Columnist Emmett Tyrrell, who has called for the release of the entire Barrett report, writes:

"When Barrett completed his report the Clintons' lawyers, led by that legendary Clinton pettifogger, David Kendall, tried to kill off the report either by gutting it with redactions or by getting it buried altogether. Kendall entered some 140 motions pursuant to this goal. The report has been ready for publication since August 2004, but Kendall's nuisance tactics have worked, and now what do we hear from the Clintonistas? They complain that Barrett has cost too much and taken too long. As they are themselves are the reason for much of the cost and delay, advocates of good government should be up in arms. This stratagem has been used too frequently by the Clintonistas to smear an officer of the court."

Tyrrell slams "several crafty Democrats" and "a few dubious Republicans" in Congress for blocking release of the report.

While Barrett is said to want the entire report released with minor redactions – as is typical for independent counsel reports –Democrats, led by Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, have blocked it. Dorgan and fellow Democrats Sens. Richard Durbin and John Kerry tried to include an amendment to kill the report in an Iraq-war appropriations bill, but the move was blocked by Republicans. Later, Dorgan was successful in including an amendment to block 120 pages of the report – those listing Clinton administration transgressions – in another appropriations bill, which was signed into law last month.

Meanwhile the MSM are pushing Hillary on us as the next DNC candidate for President. The MSM have historically taken it upon themselves to hand pick the parties' nominee and treat all others as losers, thus voiding any effort at a real vote. The weakest GOP nominee is typically foisted along with the most Liberal DNC nominee. The MSM won't want their hand picked nominee soiled by some annoying facts bandied about, will they.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 27, 2005 07:33 AM

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