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December 15, 2005

The religion of Evolution in the news

From South Carolina's The State...

A proponent of teaching various theories of human origin, which include creationism, gained support Monday from the state's public school reform oversight panel.

At the urging of Sen. Mike Fair, R-Greenville, the Education Oversight Committee voted 8-7 to strike from high school biology standards wording that tied schools to teaching only evolution.

Fair wants schools to go beyond Darwinism, and oversight panel members said they would draft new rules before February to address his concerns.

"What I'm trying to encourage is critical analysis of a controversial subject in the classroom," Fair said.

Yeah, good luck there on getting Evolutionists to come any where close to any sort of critical analysis of their religion.

And there's this from CBS News/AP...

Nearly seven months after schools in a suburban Atlanta county were forced to peel off textbook stickers that called evolution a theory, not fact, a federal appeals court is set to consider whether the disclaimers were unconstitutional.

In January, a federal judge ordered Cobb County, Georgia, school officials to immediately remove the stickers, saying they were an endorsement of religion. The ruling was appealed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which will hear arguments on Thursday....

"If it's unconstitutional to tell students to study evolution with an open mind, then what's not unconstitutional?" said John West, a senior fellow with the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that supports intelligent design, the belief that the universe is so complex it must have been created by a higher power. "The judge is basically trying to make it unconstitutional for anyone to have a divergent view, and we think that has a chilling effect on free speech."

I can understand how having an open mind and believing in the religion of Evolution are mutually exclusive concepts, but unconstitutional? Is that another of those imaginary amendments that only Liberals can see like the "Separation of Church and State" and the "Woman Can Murder Their Unborn Babies" Amendments?

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 15, 2005 05:34 AM

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Critical analysis with magic. What a hoot.

Posted by: Steve at December 15, 2005 06:23 PM

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