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December 27, 2005

The War against Conservatives in Academia

From FoxNews...

"When I was on campus, I had no help," the recent Ohio State University graduate told FOXNews.com. "I was harassed, intimidated, shouted down."

Flickinger, schooled in broadcast journalism, said he wants to provide the support he never had as a lonely conservative in college. That's why in November he launched the Network of College Conservatives to act in part as "a link for these conservative students, to let them know they are not alone."

Running the Web site solo from his Pittsburgh, Pa., home, Flickinger said he wants the network to be much more than a shoulder to cry on. Conservative students are still easy targets of liberal intimidation, he claims, but more than ever, they have a growing body of legal and activist support groups to turn to — and he wants his organization to be top among those resources....

"It used to be that some conservatives would concentrate on putting their heads down and just getting through," said David French, president of the legal group Foundation for Individual Freedom in Education, which recently supported the right of a University of Wisconsin resident assistant to hold Bible study sessions in his dorm. "Now they are more confrontational."

To balance the article, FoxNews included Liberals giving examples of Liberal, extremists flame-throwers being stopped from harassing people to show that while the average Conservative may be harassed and intimidated on college campuses, occasionally some Liberals are denied the right to harass and intimidate people, so that evens thing out.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 27, 2005 07:33 AM

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