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December 14, 2005

What's up at Hate U

From Haaretz...

Whereas in Europe the anti-Semitism that has risen drastically in the past five years has been expressed in violent incidents, attacks on synagogues and Jewish institutions as well attacks in the media, but far less so in the universities, in the United States and Canada, an anomalous situation has come into being: Anti-Semitism in American streets and cities or in the press is virtually nonexistent, while the campuses there have turned into throbbing centers of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic activity.

Many feel that the calm during demonstrations and in recently emerging public expressions of anti-Semitism on the American campuses is a cover for its malignant spread on the intellectual level.

The subject was first raised in a debate recently held by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, an independent body that looks into complaints of civil discrimination and makes recommendations to the president and Congress. Representatives of Jewish organizations that participated in the debate warned against the proliferation of anti-Semitism on campuses....

"The academic debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is framed in the politics of racial discrimination, and this is why it has so much currency on campuses," says [Dr. Gary Tobin, one of the authors of "The UnCivil University: Politics and Propaganda in American Education," and president of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research, San Francisco]. "Jews are the white, colonialist oppressors and the Palestinians are the brown victims of colonization. So to be a white Jew in support of Israel you risk being branded as a racist. And that accusation is more insidious on a day-to-day basis than any mass rally."

Historically Jews have almost always been the first groups despised by bigots. The bigoted Left has quietly placed them behind Christians, but only while Christians are there to be the target of that bigotry and hatred. It's ironic that Jews have done so much to aid the very people who are poised to use them, as Hitler did, as a cultural scapegoat.

Posted by Danny Carlton at December 14, 2005 06:44 AM

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