This site no longer available to FireFox users

The Mozilla Foundation and its Commercial arm, the Mozilla Corporation, has allowed and endorsed a plugin that blocks advertisement on web sites. Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers. Many web sites exist in order to provide quality content in exchange for displaying ads. Accessing the content while blocking the ads, therefore would be no less than stealing. Millions of hard working people are being robbed of their time and effort by this type of software.

An effort has been made to educate those responsible for the software and their response has been to not only ignore the needs of web site owners, but to exacerbate the problem by intentionally thwarting any effort on the web site owners' behalf to block those using such software form their sites. Therefore the only alternative is to simply block all FireFox users except those using the IE Tab plug-in, which disables the AD Block Plus plug-in.

Netscape users can simply set their browser to IE mode to continue to enjoy this site.

While blanket ad blocking is wrong, the real problem are those that do not allow site owners to limit access to those not using such software. Until FireFox stops allowing the ad blocking software that robs hard working web developers, their browser will be blocked from all my sites. Since FireFox account for roughly 10% of internet users, most people will not be affected by this.

FireFox users are welcome to use Internet Explorer, Opera or Netscape (in IE mode) to access this site.

--Danny Carlton