Pro-Death advocates get more for their buck
Cincinnati Federal Court discovers people with telepathy!!
Abortion clinic sued
Science censored by religious zealots, again
2006 to arrive late
School may be sued for religious discrimination
LA Times runs hidden correction
After disarming the law abiding, Toronto faces bolder criminals with guns
Book Review: Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships
Book Review: Nature Never Stops Talking
The Clinton Machine lives on
The War against Conservatives in Academia
Seventeen-year-old fights Florida pledge law
Secret court blocked Bush's efforts
I thought the Liberals wanted it rare?
Comments temporarily disabled
Bethlehem ruled by terrorists
Know thy enemy
Business v Bigotry
Getting the courts to impose the homosexual agenda
State of Oregon missing sense of humor
South Caroline Senator pushes for real science education
Sometimes reality is more bizarre than fiction
ID proponents blast judge
The Pro-Death agenda in New York
Broadband over power lines in Texas
Liberals saddened over survival of babies
Say what?!?
Man dies after photographing A-bomb
More egg on NYT's face
California University endorses bigotry
In Major Setback, Bush Admits, Defends Use of Bullets By Troops
Did the ACLU Lie to the Federal Courts in the Cobb County Evolution Sticker Case?
Planned Parenthood empowers Pedophiles
Evolution on trial
Morgan Freeman on Black History Month
Criminals go free
Judge pleads guilty to child porn
Dispatches from the War (on Christmas)
The religion of Evolution in the news
Did Seattle Dems show their true colors?
Congress moves to ban torture
Orwell's England
What's up at Hate U
Spinning the news, Liberal style
Can the military spy too much?
Odds and Ends
HomeSchool blog awards
Rush Limbaugh and the Liberal double-standard
Science copies Science Fiction
So who exactly is supposed to be bashing who?
The Terminator becomes the Exterminator
Dispatches from the War on Christmas
Maryland initiates Crap Tax
The Real History of the Crusades
The UN an expensive, anti-semitic joke
Fighting the culture war
Sometimes I hate it when we're right
Abortion causes long-term depression
So much for citizen legislators
More welfare for the rich
AFA ends boycott of Target
Sorry no posts
Redefining Christianity for Christmas
Saddam Insane boycotts trial
Lack of intelligent reporting on Intelligent Design
Censoring Christ out of Christmas
The Red Diamond?
BellSouth pulls building deal after Big Easy offers free WiFi
An interesting read on the Christmas Season
Life imitates Monte Python (or would that be Death imitates...?)
PM/OSM/PM or whatever they're called today
Palestinian cowards, strike again
Book Review: God is the Gospel
Dred Scot Hawaiian style
The Scrooge retailers
Jesus outlawed in Indiana
Bishop of the religion of Evolution gives parting stab at competing religions
Microsoft jumps into FireWall market
The war on Christmas: Georgia
Homosexual's family demands other put in danger to spare their feelings
Stage Sob Cindy upset over lonely pics
Is there a hen in the Fox house?
Religion of Evolution wipes egg off face, again
Pedophiles for Choice take case to SCOTUS
Stop the presses! Congressman quits taking bribes!!
Ever wonder why feminists are so silent about Islam?
The reality of HomeSchooling
Guns and Alzheimer's
Scottish Moslems, Hindus call for more Christianity
BlogAdSwap hits half-a-million ads shown
Yes, I removed BlogAds
ACLU thugs go after Arkansas school
Verizon goes after cell-spammer
Pensions a "civil unions"
Why abortionists don't want to be regulated
FoxNews rejects misleading ad
Homosexual activists and pseudo-Christian "churches"
Hitler beckons
The Persecuted Church
Since I used to work in television--my comments on CNN's "X"
Filmmaker says Saddam had WMDs
Jewish leader trashes Christians
Alito's paper trail looking good
BlogAdSwap delivers a quarter of a million ads!
Church wins court battle against government schools
Saudi murderer sentenced to one-year in resort jail
Boycott Target for Thanksgiving
Protecting children from molestation ruled constitutional
Anti-Christian bigotry at the University of Wisconsin
Swedish pastor uses trial to preach the Gospel!
Are Hindus jealous of Moslems' press coverage?
NBC: No Brain Communications
Threats of violence cause Catholic faculties to deny use to Pro-Life Conference
Well was Darwin right or not?
Air America resorts to spamming
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Open Trackback
Libraries practice hypocrisy
San Francisco rips up Constitution
Blogger accused of double murder. More blogging regulation called for.
SCOTUS gives bad schools free pass
PBS (emphasis on the BS) sued for libel (big surprise there)
Noisy Newdow wants US coins changed
Alito's paper trail
Religion of peace?!?
Yet another new site!!
More rationalization for the religion of Evolution
San Diego will fight idiot judge and ACLU
Earliest alphabet discovered in Israel
Guns in the hands of honest people
Interesting reading
Wal-Mart bans Christmas?!?
Comedy at the White House
International Religious Freedom Report
Top Ten Reasons to STOP the ACLU
Book Magazine Review: The Old Schoolhouse, Fall 2005
BlogAdSwap launched!
Kansas defies the religion of Evolution
Congressmen defend Boy Scouts against ACLU thugs
More schoolchildren attacked by Moslems in Indonesia
More complaining about IRS harassment of churches
Book Review: No more Christian nice guy
Alabama University under FIRE for stifling free speech
Liberal church threatened by IRS for political sermon
Religious groups threaten Kansas school board
Besmirching heroes for fun and profit
Congress declares war on Supreme Court
California city fight back against ACLU bigots
Feminist attacks stay-at-home mothers
Leftists maintain grip on PBS (emphasis on the BS)
Next time some moron start spouting off about legalizing drugs...
Copernicus' grave found
Ninth Circus Court strips parental right
ACLU bigots at it again
California Pedophiles for Choice oppose Proposition 73
Alleged hate crime sparks hateful response
Sacramento School for Pretend Catholics
Who locks the chains of racism?
New York sticks it to telecommuters
Now "time-out" is cruel?!?
The price of appeasement
Samuel Alito, Jr.
Is Harry Reid really that stupid, or does he just think everyone else is?
Reid blames extremists for Miers withdrawal
Target bans Salvation Army, adds sex toys
Alabama takes science seriously!
Miers withdraws (finally)
Evolutionist denial
The age of white guilt: and the disappearance of the black individual
Commentary: John Stossel
The intolerant religion of Evolution
Lawsuit filed after Public Officials censor Christian
Odds and ends
ACLU gags at another gnat
Rosa Parks, dead at 92
Odds and ends
What Liberals do when no one's looking
Charges dropped against father jailed for taking an interest in his child's education
China: Totalitarians always fear the Gospel
Getting sick: of the flu and Evolutionist nonsense
ACLU proposes forced censorship of curriculum that disagrees with religion of Evolution
Court of Appeals sides with student against school's censorship of religion
European Union inches toward Totalitarianism
After false religious discrimination charges against Christians...guess who's now being discriminated against
The White "N" word
Advertise your site...and support a worthy cause!!
Government schools endorse sodomy
California schools proselytize for Islam
Liberal Baptist denomination exposes its true agenda
The Blue law blues
The Book Fidel Castro fears
Biochemist testifies in ID case
Time magazine loose with the truth
Congress moves to gut Second Amendment
Palestinians kill unarmed Israelis: here we go again
PETA: The cruelty of misplaced compassion
Interesting business opportunity!!
Clueless in Utah
Clueless in California
Evolutionists claim philosophy is science
Who is Harriet Miers?
"Hate-speech" bill worming its way through Congress
Is the Quran hate speech?
ACLU Blogburst: Stop Paying For The Secularization of America
Using religion to teach Evolution?
Another Liberal denomination struggling to survive
Vietnam Vets take Kerry to court
Legalizing murder: How activists crafted law used to kill Terri Schiavo
Home grown anti-Christian bigotry
Tennessee school bans ministers
When did Mexico take Ohio from us?!?
When is sexism not sexism?
Toxic news
The utter silence of Terri's autopsy
More persecution of Christians in Eritrea
California Atheists narrowly protected from [gasp!] having to look at a cross
Holland love affair with death
What's in Nagin's noggin?
Terri Schiavo and the MSM's bloody hands
Harriet Miers: cheers, Jeers and fears
Book review: In the Beginning There Were No Diapers
PayPal spoofers
Jury shopping with Ronnie Earle
Reality show candidate to become real candidate
Arizona Supreme court gagging at a gnat
Hotel that housed no refugees paid six grand by FEMA
Google sucks up to Communist China, again
Who is Harriet Miers?
Bush nominates his third grade civics teacher to Supreme Court
Grand Jury invents new charge against Delay
Minorities activists oppose display of Confederate flag at Confederate memorial
US Supreme Court outlaws Bible
Book Review: How to write (eBook)
Another abortion pills surfaces
Roy Moore may run for governor of Alabama
Fake Bible course hits government schools
Suicide bombing in Oklahoma
Southern Baptists offend Jews by daring to obey Jesus
Should we end Citizenship by birth?
Britons alarmed to find Floridians are allowed to shoot back
WiFi for the World's poor?
Book Review: Think before you look
The Anti-Christian Liars Union
Are hurricanes God's judgment?
Ronnie Earle's legacy
Schindler family to write book
Adult stem cell treatment shows dramatic effect
Ivy League schools losing good students to Christian Colleges
This Saturday Florida will become a safer place
Evolution: Suppressing scientific inquiry
Liberal Moron: Gun safety education un-safe
Hillary frightens supporters into more donations
Tribe of Manasseh returns to Israel
FEMA to reimburse religious groups
Homosexuals in San Francisco show they are ordinary people
Dynamically loading HTML
Nineteen-year-old cheerleader killed by abortionist after being raped
Florida school requires sexually explicit reading
Scouting for Pedophiles
Religion of Evolution on trial in Pennsylvania
Hurricanes, Global Warming and the facts
A bright spot on the day
John Bobbitt: Some guys just never learn
Katrina and the Second Amendment
Bush stiffs UN. Good for him
ACLU targets abstinence-only programs
Religious freedom in Malaysia
Christian leaders lobby to prevent homosexual special rights
This just in: Men not as clean as women
Fifteen minutes to pack: GO!
Katrina aid: Churches v. the Government
Pro-life group continues to fight frivolous lawsuit
Father goes on trial today for being too concerned over his child's education
Condi, Alligators and Race
School principles stubbornly insists on banning Bible
NYPD shuts down Stage-Sob Cindy
Some Moslems spoiling for a fight..any fight, it seems
The Red Plus Sign
FEC carries water for DNC
Book Review: Rare Jewel Magazine
Religion and the tunnel vision of the typical Liberal
Another, insulting "Christian" TV show
Clinton's glass house
You want memos...I got yer memos
Pedophiles-for-Choice fight court order
Newdow's ex-wife fights to keep pledge
Kinsey's mythical 10%
The Plague Mice
Stupid people wearing stupid shirts
New car runs on...cats?
New Blog: Let’s Blame Bush!!
Brooklyn CUNY backs off bogus "investigation" of outspoken prof
House adds "sexual-orientation" to "hate crime"
Activist judge rules pledge "unconstitutional"
Palestinians invade Egypt
Man mows obscenities into his lawn
"Family Dollar" fires employee for caring about family
Convenience store employee sells soft drink filled with urine
Babies the womb!
ACLU ignores SCOTUS, continues to bully small towns
"Made in China"...but from what?
Federal judge allows Ten Commandments display to remain
Orlando cracks down on...patriotism?
Bush takes the low road...joins the Liberal semantics game
Baby Torres dies
It takes a village...apparently of sadists...
Ophelia taunts eastern coast
German airport security publicly strips Frenchman
New London home owner get eviction notices
Kerry Demands Silver Star for Piloting Swift Boat Through New Orleans
New Orleans' Naggin' Nagin meets Tim Russert (ouch)
Hillary launches "Blame Bush!" campaign
Many Gaza Evacuees still homeless
Book Review: Sex and the Supremacy of Christ
Major, like seriously major, server outage
Server problems, light postings this weekend
Joshua Heldreth: Ten-year-old hero
Is Katrina God's wrath?
Iowa professor caught in the Evolution debate
Back To School With The ACLU
Cindy who?
Texas to US Supreme Court: Eminent Domain this!
Aussie scientists create mice that can regrow severed limbs
FireFox Problems
Chinese Christian refused asylum by 5th Circuit Court
US Courts freeze Palestinian assets
Concealed carry saves life
Cindy Sheehan disses NPR!
Most scientific studies are wrong?
University of California discriminates against Christians
Al Sharpton and his maniac driver
After Katrina
Gaza pullout aftermath: more suicide bombings
Cindy Sheehan attacks grieving mothers
Big wind in the Big Easy
Schools fear students may be exposed to diverse ideas
Cindy continues to exploit her son
I am officially human!! (for now)
Katrina expected to whoop up on Florida
Cindy Sheehan meet Tammy Pruett
What's Chávez up to?
Political analysis of dreams
You know them people don't feel pain like we do
Aussies have backbone. Who knew?
Defaming the fallen in Crawford, Texas
Democrats upset over tombstones
Yelling fire in a crowded movie house
ATF, local police harass gun show
Spector to focus on Judicial Activism
The MSM's month long whining over Bush's vacation
Florida State allowed to keep the nickname "Seminoles"
Pat Robertson suggests Hugo Chávez be assassinated
Radical Moslems find allies in Marxists
Schizophrenic courts now say 10 commandments okay
Court rules in favor of orthodox Presbyterian congregation
Court rules Atheism is a religion
Court allows student to wear religious t-shirt
Scientists claim to alter the speed of light
Aruba Prime Minister admits mistakes in Natalee investigation
Kids, blogs and internet safety
The anatomy of judicial murder
Stem cell generates from skin cells
Many Palestinians fear Gaza withdrawal
The Second Amendment in action
Now that Cindy's quiet for awhile, let's listen to some other voices
Hillary faces fraud charges
America-last groups continue to strive for Ground Zero
Reminder: BlogAds analysis
Commentaries: Cindy Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan leaves Crawford to visit ailing mother
Sheehan runs from anti-Semitic remarks
More grieving parents the MSM like to ignore
Alabama to educate teacher about religious rights
Marketing the Gospel: They will know us by our PowerPoint® presentations
Liberals and religion: hypocrisy in action
Will work for food or stock options
FBI ordered to turn over OKC bombing documents
In spite of economic growth, networks continue to report gloom
Commentaries: Cindy Sheehan
Commentaries: Gaza pullout
Chariots of Fire hero honored in Weifang, China
Holding grief hostage
AOL employee sentenced to prison
Fight domestic violence: Arm battered spouses!
Menezes executed for "looking Mongolian"
How NOT to treat the Pledge of Allegiance
Did Terri die peacefully?
ACLU: Public prayer is terrorism
The MSM's selective outrage
Bush administration opposes xxx domains
Developer seeks voter initiative to bulldoze Souter's home
The accidental anti-semite
Virus attacks MSM
Twin Towers scrap steel becomes warship
Milky Way Bar and Grill
Stupid quote of the day
Cindy Sheehan: Profiles in Hypocrisy
Emergency food needed for massive starvation in Niger
Pornographers and homosexuals target Florida church
Pedophilia: the Musical
Episcopal congregation asks for the return of their church
Nigerian Anglican leader wants Church of England kicked out of the Anglican Communion
And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street
Is Cindy Sheehan's divorce off-limits?
Media admits Iraq coverage slanted
Infants suspected as terrorists?
British man dies after surgery is rescheduled
So that was an InstaLanch?
The Old Schoolhouse, Summer 2005
Another Survey?
Religion & Science
Justice Sunday II
ACLU loses again!
Al-Qaeda leader killed
Does Cindy Sheehan care?
Dissecting Newsweek attempt at showing the other side
Bloggers arrested for revealing judicial corruption
Analyzing BlogAds
Favorite people of Conservative Bloggers
US Evangelicals try to block aid for Gaza pull-out
Boxer threatens filibuster of Roberts
Family to Cindy Sheehan: shut up already
NARAL yanks false ad
Why I find annoying
Liberals oppose Justice Sunday2, big surprise there, NOT
Only one plaintiff left to challenge Oklahoma gun law
Air America's scam
Witness disappears in Natalee Holloway case
NCAA goes PC
Blog Quotes
Albert Mohler: Evolution incompatible with Christianity
Poll finds most Americans embrace moral relativism
Court rules pledge not religion
Justice Sunday II
The ACLU's extortion racket
Are bloggers public figures?
The DNC's pathetic attempts at values
Some Conservative groups now oppose Roberts
CNN to run NARAL slime ad
Roberts side with judicial activists
Judicial activist worries about being criticized
Florida Guardian Assoc. declares Terri's murderer "Guardian of the Year"
NARAL makes ad accusing Roberts of supporting violence
Torres baby off ventilator and eating on her own!
Google gets googled, throws tantrum
Peter Jennings signs off
Britain finally gets tough with extremists
ACLU claims homosexuals mistreated in jail
Florida Supreme Court funds ACLU
Heterosexual Canadians marry for tax benefit
Cherokee Nation bans homosexual marriage, just little too late
More commentaries of the Evolution debate
Blogathon 2005
Book Review: Hedges by Jerry Jenkins
Congress asked to investigate the ACLU
James Dobson criticized for exposing the truth
CBS News: Terri who?
The Old Grey Lady goes after children
Oklahoma parents object to obscene books in children's libraries
Roberts and Romer v. Evans
Spector joins Bush in calling for openness in science education
Commentaries on the Evolution debate
Worship nature: kill an eagle
Russian sailors in submarine stuck at ocean bottom
More Kelo fallout
Robert Novak suspended from CNN
Father faces trial over objection to pro-homosexual kindergarten curriculum
ACLU defends violent rap music
Air America: ripping off children for a better future
Susan Torres gives birth
Iraqi Insurgents kill blogger
Germany continues to invoke Hitler's laws
Study show Democrats heavily involved in voter intimidation
It's official: Cow flatulence pollutes more than cars
How fast is the Blogosphere growing?
Yahoo to launch Blog Ads
Frist persona non grata for Justice Sunday II
Fresno police terrified of 11-year-old girl armed with rock
Current Events
Harvesting Humans at Taxpayers' expense
In search of John Roberts
Bolton's recess appointment
The Plame Kerfuffle
Pakistan madrassas may not close
Microsoft goes all Big Brother
Moronic statement of the day
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Heroes of the Home
Florida lottery refuses to pay winner
A Look at Locks of Love
Headlines & Topics
Campus diversity = one sided toleration
Bible Course in government school, Liberals go nuts
Frist's flip-flop
Helen Thomas tasting her own medicine
Teens arrested in flag desecration
Dems still dissing Bolton
Saudi King Fahd, dead at age 84
The best laid plans of Microsoft and men
O.J. asked to leave sports convention booth
Blogger on TV alert!
Commentaries worth reading
Dying man loses battle in fight to be fed
Accidentally funny
North American Muslims declare fatwah on terrorists
Christian group files federal suit against Southern Illinois
One dead, 15 injured on Honduran mission trip
Obscenity laden book required reading in Massachusetts school
Pro-Aborts attack Gonzales
Commentaries worth reading
DHS/CPS: The Real Abusers
ACLU Defeated by the people of San Diego!
Did the London Bombers intent for it to be a Suicide Bombing?
Communist China arrests 100 Christian teens
The Media's war on Christians
Why Evolutionists fear ID
Liberals stealing from poor kids?
The double standard of British law enforcement
Kelo: The Supreme Court v. America
Roberts and Roe
Woman arrested for doing what airport screener did to her
Pennsylvania governor sticks by embattled Lt. Governor
Liberals demonstrate their bigotry
Are Massachusetts Yankees longing for the Ole South?
Comments by Oprah Winfery!!
Pope won't call Islam, Religion of Peace
An eerie message from the past
Disney owned radio station disses Moslems
Moslem groups demand Tancredo's resignation
Main Stream Morons
Commentaries across the net
Funeral crashing Lt. Governor issues "apology"
So when is it a "hate" crime?
Mary Jo Kopechne would be 65 today
Old photos of aftermath of Nagasaki discovered
Bill Clinton offered 40 goats for Chelsea
Hotel Lost Liberty still on the table
No religious test, unless Liberals use it
Christians in Iraq fear Shari'a law
John Roberts
Owner of disputed artifact arrested in Israel
ACLU uses tactics of Chairman Mao
Tancreado, still clueless
British police criticized for shooting of suspect
Politician crashes Marine's funeral
Vandals attack family of fallen soldier
Scientists develop one-atom thick material
How idiots define plagiarism
"Why Blog" results!!
Washington Post goes after Roberts' children
No to Ten Commandments, yes to sex toys
Priests refusal to endorse immorality called "excessive zeal"
Privacy and garbage
Alabama proposes mandatory castration of sex offender
A closer look at John Roberts
War of the Worlds: Hollywood hates America propaganda?
London Bombings: apparently practice doesn't make perfect
London Bobbies demand bigger sticks
London police shoot suspected terrorist
Why Blog Survey: status report
Happy news for the Torres family
Church attacked in India
Ann Coulter v. John Roberts
Goggle censors at work again
Russian adoption opportunities may be in danger
Judge refuses to allow Moslem witness to swear by Koran
The ACLU and Terrorism Today
Explosion in London Underground, again
Ex-Green Beret suspected of OKC bombing ties
Texas house protects Texans from bad SCOTUS decision
Anti-war activists guess at war dead, media quote as fact
Florida teachers caught cheating
So who is John Roberts?
A note about comments and trackbacks
Is Roy Moore a judicial activist?
Evolution indoctrination debated
Persecution of Christians around the world
More proof the MSM is undeniably stupid
MSM reports all the news that fit to invent in Plame/Rove story
Note to Tom Tancredo: Know Thy Enemy
Liberals selectively apply first amendment
Gonzales out of the running
Funny headline of the day
Rights, restrictions and the Constitution
Call the censors!! Peter Duesberg got some press!!
Oklahoman killed in Iraq
So now the CIA leaked it?
Protests abroad
Gagging at gnat, while swallowing camels
Can there be another reason for the overuse of the Nazi comparison?
Please Join Us!
Rusty Shackleford becomes human
Thanks for those who've mentioned the WhyBlog Survey
Why would the Japanese give money to someone who hates anyone who's not Black?
Are Moslems becoming more democratic?
London bombing mastermind IDed arrested
In defense of Rick Santorum
What the MSM won't tell you about Iraq
Video educates people about escaping homosexuality
Moderate Moslem leader refused entry into the US
Railroading Rove
Rehnquist rebuts rumors
Unemployment rate down
Pesticide found in unborn babies?
Another cool keyboard
Bigfoot sited!
Around the Blogosphere
Abortions in Minnesota reach 30-year low
Suit opposing bogus hate-crime law thrown out of court
The razor-thin line between obedience and love
Kansas Supreme Court caught in act of blatant Judicial Activism
Authorities suspect Moslem religious schools of recruiting London bombers
Book Review: The Thinking Toolbox
The Blogging Survey
Around the Blogosphere
London bombers British citizens
What should we expect from Moslems
Results of G8's $8 billion blood money to Palestinians
British newspaper siding with terrorists
California National Guard criticized for telling the truth
British House of Commons passes controversial Religious Hatred Bill
French maids sued for not taking the bus
Broadband via power lines!!
Australian slang disappearing
Around the Blogosphere
California “Gay Pride” festival using pedophiles
London Moslem leader endorses targeting civilians
Plame outing may not have even been illegal
Vanderbilt foiled in history revision attempt
Norwegian homosexuals launch new soda brand
Woman eats only McDonald's for 68 days, loses 30 pounds
Around the Blogosphere
London Bombings
8th “circus” court rejects partial birth abortion ban
Homosexual activists exploit grieving mother
Ellison Bakery stands up for morality
A partial victory for Christian school groups in California
Movement to take Souter's home still alive!!
G8 morons reward London bombers with $8billion
The Old Schoolhouse, Summer 2004
Around the Blogosphere
Show support for England
The London bombings
Medical report suggests strangulation possible in Terri Schiavo case
Tulsa Zoo board votes to censor Creationism
ACLU sues because woman is “offended” by Christianity
Methodist minister suspended for obeying scripture
Pro-life group returns to the Supreme Court over ignored ruling
Canadian Senator channels Liberal “Jesus”
Kennewich man finally to be studied
Latest blog coverage of the London bombings
Around the Blogosphere
Chinese pastor arrested for printing Bibles
Massachusetts Governor denies funding of homosexual recruitment in government schools
Speilberg accused of producing anti-Israel film
New York man turns down prize because of greedy Uncle Sam
Judge returns medical records to Rush
Man arrested for saving a life
More blog coverage of London Bombings
Blog coverage of London Bombings
Terror strikes London
Around the Blogosphere
Bush asks Conservative groups to tone down criticism of Gonzalez
Boxer plays chicken little with false abortion stats
The second most affective prevention of AIDS...circumcision
Seventeen-year-old girl vanishes from amusement park
Retired Vice Admiral Jim Stockdale dead at age 81
Around the Blogosphere
Judge rules for more ignorance in government schools
Pseudo-Science at the beck and call of Homosexual Activists
ACLU double standard in Omaha case
Schapelle Corby case to be re-opened
Democrats threaten filibuster, again
About Gonzalez
Why I dread July the Fourth
An explanation for so many Around the Blogosphere posts
Prayers for an American Housewife
Around the Blogosphere yet even more, [sigh]
Around the Blogosphere yet even more
Around the Blogosphere yet some more
Around the Blogosphere some more
Around the Blogosphere
Man tries to save girls life, declared “sex-offender”
Celebrating terrorism on America's birthday
Focus on the Family finds charges against Air Forces Academy ridiculous
What game is Rehnquist playing?
Around the Blogosphere
Catholic family targeted by activist lesbians
NBC: Founding Fathers were terrorists
Another Liberal Church against Israel
The Schizophrenic Supreme Court
US decides to not hand over control of the internet to UN
Around the Blogosphere
College Prof censors God
Planned Genocide gets away with assisting another pedophile
UN shuts Pro-Life groups out of abortion discussion
ACLU loses in Louisiana, or do they?
Christian group educates schools regarding Islam
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Around the Blogosphere
Southern Baptists remain firm in stance against Homosexuality
Homosexual, recruiting clubs in government schools
Congress defends Ten Commandments
Planned Genocide's evil origins
Supreme Court to hear 19-year-old Pro-Life case
The Lost Liberty Hotel
Around the Blogosphere
Mike the Murderer may get away with it
Israeli Court lifts homosexual parade ban
Responses to the Supreme Court's Schizophrenic decisions
SCOTUS: Police not required to do their job
Evolutionist settles with libeled Creationist
Southern Baptists urged to watch government schools carefully
UN sues Columbia to allow children to be murdered
Around the Blogosphere
Clintons soil Graham's final Crusade
UK Bank ousts Christians for opposing homosexuality
Planned Genocide sues on behalf of Pedophiles
Blockbuster pays $50,000 for telling a Jewish employee to remove Yarmulke
ACLU supports Polygamy
Ed Klein & Hillary
Around the Blogosphere
Medical doctor takes issue with autopsy
Susan Torres update
Bad news for California Pedophiles for Choice
Pennsylvania considers adding Intelligent Design to curriculum
Allstate fires employee for disagreeing with homosexual marriage on his own time
Presbyterians (PCUSA) face possible split
Progressive “Christians” attempt to organize
SCOTUS destroys concept of private property
Indonesia asks for bribe to free Schappelle Corby
Mike the murderer's brother tries to defend the tombstone
AMA fights to retain doctors' rights to murder their patients
Louisiana bill would protect the disabled
Durbin outraged at Gitmo, but support the most brutal kinds of abortion
Tom Coburn goes after Pedophiles for Choice
Christian freed from false imprisonment in Egypt
Randall Terry to run against Florida GOP leader
American Liberal churches too liberal for even Europeans!
Methodists joins the ranks of the anti-semites
PCUSA: Dying and clueless
Pentagon findings on Air Force Academy
New Jersey Court rules against homosexual activist
West Virginia judge awards custody of child to deceased mother's former homosexual partner!
ACLU tries to censor prayer in Louisiana
Fiction and facts about flag-burning
Milblogger injured in Iraq
Ann Coulter takes a look at the Gitmo gulag/health-spa
Ah, the perfect blogging morning (NOT)
Around the Blogosphere
Michael Schiavo still an adulterous, murdering slimewad
Mike the murderer explains the 40 minute delay
University of Toledo reverses policy of anti-Christian discrimination
Democrats throw pouting fit over accurately being called anti-Christian
Oklahoma Congressman to offer bill protecting religious rights
Democrats block Bolton
Stupid Criminals
Why have denominations?
Around the Blogosphere
Statement from the Schindler family regarding the IME's Report
Medical experts refute Terry's Autopsy findings
Breakthrough isolating embryo-quality stem cells from blood
California Court upholds DOMA
Australian Christians under attack via new law
Chastity pledge study deliberately flawed
Do people really only care about missing white girls, or is it the media?
New corner banners!!
Jeb asks for investigation of Michael Schiavo
Vietnamese pastor held in mental hospital because of religious beliefs
Baptist homeschoolers push for resolution against government schools
New anti-cancer drug shows promising results
What unions do with dues
ADL demands apology from Durbin
Scientist retracts paper after caught falsifying data
The wonders of socialized medicine
I did my IQ thing
Join me in helping the Torres family
Some Democrats just doesn't comprehend what true honor is
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy “Conclusions”
PBS attempts to focus on more P and less BS
Canadian woman exposes the devastation of growing up with a homosexual parent
Atlanta hostage to write book
Kansas Evolutionists get nasty
Runaway Bride being pitched as movie
Michelle Malkin: Quote of the day
Around the Blogosphere
New Jersey court side with traditional marriage
Kansas abortuary accused of killing born babies
Senate Committee votes on CAFTA...well, sort of...
MSM blamed for low military recruitment
Al Quada across the border -- our Northern border!
Moslem extremists win Vermont
Former electrician nominated for Christy Award
Why does Google like me?
Michelle Malkin is one year old
Jacko got away with it again
SCOTUS marijuana decision may affect Insisted Suicide laws
Sex in government schools
This is what homosexuals are proud of?
Al Franken loses it
Microsoft becomes Red China prostitute
Senate apologizes for lynchings
The Ultimate Keyboard for the Ultimate Geek
Around the Blogosphere
Accused murderer of civil rights workers goes on trial 41 years later
Activist Judges drive support for Constitutional Amendment
Seattle Conference offers alternative to destructive lifestyle
Homosexual activists try to use local schools to strike back at Washington church
Murdering babies and raping children in Kansas
Mother allowed to sue over daughter's death at abortuary
The Collapsible Blogroll
Around the Blogosphere
The Persecuted Church
UK Hospital decides to allow Bibles
Have the Limeys gone insane?!?
Tech school rejects homeschoolers
Nurse files religious discrimination suit against hospital
Book Review: Levi's Will
Around the Blogosphere
Planned Genocide loses again
Vermont rejects Insisted Suicide
Legislating immorality
Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005
Science and religion
Religion and Science
Religion in the UK
Massachusetts debates spanking
Kerry, sign the real 180!
Take Back the Memorial!
Speaking of fakes
Hiding behind false labels
Around the Blogosphere
Planned Genocide and Pedophiles for Choice
California push for Insisted Suicide lacks enough support
Louisiana attempts to prevent Michael Schiavo-like murders
"Lactivists" protest The View
Another American girl missing in Aruba
British and American health care systems compared
Senate ends filibuster of Brown
Katherine Harris to run for Senate
Dean and his mouth
Cable News Network decides to try news
Kerry and the 180 scam
Around the Blogosphere
Getting sued for saying "Jesus"?!?
Hear the one about the John Wayne brand Toilet Paper?
Woman jailed for false rape claim
Family group criticizes dot XXX plan
Boston Globe claims to have Kerry's records
Man can breathe like a fish
Around the Blogosphere
Saddam's trial to begin soon
Media sources declare jihad over spelling of Hezbellah/Hizbellah
Hotel security guards arrested in disappearance of missing teen
After 5 weeks, $400-million, Mars probe finally breaks free of sand dune
Pentagon confirms "disrespect" for Koran
Swiss voters relax borders and morals
Marines discover huge bunker near Baghdad International
UK Hospital debates removing Gideon Bibles
Ten-year-old sues principal for banning Bibles
A molecule sized transistor?!?
Texas governor to sign bill in Christian school
Austrian geneticists engineer lesbian fruitfly
Twelve year-old pitches no-hitter — the day after his father's funeral
Book Review: Unlock the Prison Doors
Mississippi Judge rules abortion-safety law, unconstitutional
Oklahoma Pedophiles for Choice fight back
ESPN slams homeschoolers
Eight Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia
Clinton violates plea bargain
One "wanna be" and one "never was"
Iranian Christian acquitted of charges of proselytizing
Eritrea continues to persecute Christians
Disability groups oppose California's "insisted" suicide bill
More bad news for Pedophiles for Choice
Deepthroat exposed
Iraqi government asks US to stay a while longer
Conservative Grapevine launched
Blog Etiquette & Irritations
Around the Blogosphere
House keeps abortion ban
Homeschooling in Minnesota
Dozens of Iranian bloggers arrested
Religion of Peace update I: Moslem groom allows wife to be raped
Religion of Peace update II: Moslems blowing up Moslems
Religion of Peace update III: on trial in Iran for being a Christian
Having lots of children a health benefit
Church growth: Liberalism down; Fundamentalism up
Whining about Tom Delay exposes Dems own corruption
Government sponsored religious education?
US Citizen indicted in Romania, for helping Iraqi terorrists!
Making your site counter work in RSS feeds
Mom indicted for hiring stripper for son's birthday party
Government schools in Massachusetts
UK man fights for feeding tube
Two defeats for Pedophiles for Choice
Anger at Corby case affects Red Cross
No Whites Allowed
Microsoft begs users to dump Netscape
Discussing blogging
Maybe I'm getting soft
Around the Blogosphere
Charges against Ilario Pantano dismissed
Pseudo-Science watch: Born bigoted
NBC slurs DeLay
New book exposed errors in Scopes coverage
Democrat Senator wants Congress to honor the Koran
ACLU thugs sue school even after they capitulate
Shapelle Corby found guilty
Yoda comes a Republican
Is clueless or what?
Around the Blogosphere
A blogging hero
School bars Christian song in talent show
Researcher claim socialization not an issue in homeschooling
Bad news for Floridian Pedophiles for Choice
Liberal groups demand the exclusion of groups that exclude groups
Pastor apologizes for offensive marquee
Motley Clueless
OpEd masquerading as news
Zarqawi Shot in Lung?
Police storm wrong house, twice
World's largest catfish dies
Book Tag
SBC disavows Marquee
Al Quada may be in Nicaragua
Murdered blogger fingers culprit
Interview: Senator Brownback
Priscilla Owen: Cloture
Kerry signed his 180?
You shoulda seen the one that got away
New drug
Virus alert!
Around the Blogosphere
Beware of Democrats offering Compromise
Another life saved by not being married to Michael Schiavo!!
SCOTUS to hear Pedophiles for Choice case
Egyptian Christian held in mental hospital until he converts to Islam
Religious persecution continues on Eritrea
PCUSA reaping what it sowed
Prominent North Carolina Democrat leaves the Dark Side
Prayers in action
Some interesting headlines
What is a Theocracy?
The Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act
Around the Blogosphere
Excellent review of the Terri Schiavo case
Newsweek still hates America
8-year-old found buried alive
Newsflash!!!: Judicial Activists don't like being called 'judicial activists'
Funny pic of the day
The silliness of the filibuster
Around the Blogosphere
Jury Duty
High schoolers received 'hard-core porn' homosexual 'how-to'
Pepsi gives America the finger
Judicial conflicts of interest in Terri Schiavo case
Judge wants critics silenced
California legislator protested for pushing "assisted" suicide
Commentaries on Newsweek's fiasco
Why do we need the filibuster anyway?
ACLU Blogburst
Intolerant Air Force Academy
The MSM v America: More false accusations
National PTA shuns former homosexuals
ACLU demand jail for school officials
Judge rules in favor of school, but affirms bigotry
Religious vanity plate ruled legal
Reporting or blogging
The wonders of socialized medicine
Elementary school faces lawsuit for censoring Bible
Bob and Mary Schindler meet with Pope
Oklahoma Attorney General seeks to enable the culling of the aged and infirm
May the Eighteenth
Rounding up the Pajama Press
Moslem hypocrisy
Four arrested in India for handing out Bibles
Please bear with me...
Book Review: Escaping the Matrix
This made my day
Roundup: Newsweek digs themselves a deeper hole
Roundup: Bloggers remember Moslems in the Church of the Nativity
Roundup: NARAL targets Christians
Mae Magouirk dies
ACLU supports promiscuity
State legislatures pass sweeping pro-life measures
Fatherhood, dumb horses and stupid dogs
Around the Blogosphere
Terri's Troops plea for life of Jacksonville man
More health risks associated with Abortion (other than killing a human being)
Teacher of the year fired for obscene quiz
Priest denies communion to unrepentant sinners
Kansas debate on religion of Evolution
Newsweek publishes lies, resulting in deaths
Good news for 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano
New book tells what Clinton wouldn't
New Jackson Pollack Paintings Discovered
Our trip to Wendy's
Carnival time!
Did Tiller the Killer strike again?
Brain damaged woman recovers due to not being married to Michael Schiavo
Activist judge overrules 70% of Nebraskans
Ousted Democrats start new Church, oust God
JP2 on fast track to sainthood
Vermont censors religious speech
US Commission cites religious persecution
Evolutionists defend their religion by slinging mud
Houston schools caught cheating
Religion in Government Schools
Pseudo-Science watch
The Religious Right and Southpark Conservatives
Maxine Waters throwing mud at Christians
Anti-Christian bigots attack Air Force Academy
Middle-Class v. Lower-Class success
Did Harry Reid violate Senate Rules?
CNBC tosses Miller
Bolton escapes FRC
National security compromised to keep Minutemen from looking good
CBS twists the news again
SacBee: CBS/NYT wanna...Bee
Liberals hate the word "Liberal"
The little girl in Iraq
Around the Blogosphere
Awarding abortionist costs university millions
Pastor of East Waynesville Baptist Church resigns
Government school bans Bibles on the playground
Georgia schools denied delay to appeal anti-science decision
Houston schools consider dropping math and science requirements
Nature or Nurture debate ignored for homosexuals
Acquitted Pastor faces charges again as Sweden censors religious speech
PC: Politically Correct or Pro-Crime?
Bolton bolting all over the place
Hosting Terrorism
Nickelodeon's Revisionism
Milwaukee Voter Fraud
Kerry's 180 on the 180
East Waynesville Baptist Church
Oklahoma school adopts religious protection policy
Judicial hypocrisy
TV Land doesn't get it...but then neither does WashPo, nor Salem
Pray for Jim Cannon
Free Frosties at Wendy's!!
Roget's Thesaurus biased
Father charges in stabbing death of two girls
May the Eleventh
May the Tenth
Around the Blogosphere
Christian Veteran finds himself target of discrimination
More on East Waynesville Baptist controversy
A deluge of pseudo-science
Educating while Ignorant
Bill proposes seizing homes that contain 'illegal' guns
For us cat lovers
A Blogging Code of Ethics?
Stray dog rescues abandoned baby
Get-Thee-Behind-Me Fried Chicken
Priorities in Christian Ministries
Around the Blogosphere
Jeb Bush on taking the [snicker] moral high ground
Mother sues school for censoring Bible
Discrimination fine, if it's against Christians
Another "hate" crime exposed as a hoax
Preacher ousts members...or does he?
Religious persecution in Eritrea
United Nations kills 227,000
Newspaper owner barred from Press Conference
May the Sixth
Around the Blogosphere
Federal judge blocks pro-homosexual, anti-Christian curriculum
Pedophiles for Choice gets Congress to cover their crimes
National Day of Prayer
Vietnamese Christian arrested for studying Bible
Australian pastors face jail for condemning Islam
The Theocrats are coming! The Theocrats are coming!
More Google Stupidity
Moron(s) of the Day
Courthouse shooter indicted for kidnapitty
May the Fifth
Around the Blogosphere
School district accused of promoting Christianity disputes charges
Atheist pull dirty stunt to foil local observance of National Day of Prayer
School drop discriminating practice after legal threat
School stops censoring Christian student
Evolutionist uses lies to defend her religion
Stop the ACLU
Moron(s) of the Day
Photo of the Day
Judge rejects England guilty plea
Liberal arrested after obscene question to Ann Coulter
May the Fourth
Around the Blogosphere
Homeschooled kids deprived...
Quote of the day
Pandora's Idiocy
Planned Genocide gets sued for harassing protester
Parents sue to block pro-homosexual curriculum
Atheists complain Air Force Academy has “climate of intolerance” because Christians still have a few rights remaining
Body of missing pilot found in Iraq
Canada continues to treat the Bible as hate speech
Letter by Zarqawi captured
Iraqi government sworn in
Cochell to have heart surgery
Explaining science to Evolutionists
May the Third
Around the Blogosphere
School nurse, fired for taking student off campus without parents' permission, sues
Brain-injured man speaks after ten years
Evolutionists troubled by thinking students
Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia for being Christian while breathing
What if stay-at-home parents were paid...
The Million Jew-haters March?
Italians Still Want to Blame US for their Own Stupidity
John still wants Jennifer
Wash Times and Drudge fall for hoax
May the Second
Around the Blogosphere
Medical paper predicts Schiavo autopsy irrelevant
Censoring Life
How to get kicked out of the Catholic Church
Alleging bias, Republican chairman of PBS calls for fairness
Sgrena's Satellite
Is Jack Kelly's perception, reality?
Australia shows how to handle hostage takers
Runaway Bride may face charges
Around the Blogosphere
Caught in lies, Pantano's accuser gets immunity
Government School Principal sees Declaration of Independence as Religious Dogma
Two hour stand off ends with surrender of loaded burrito
Body of missing Bride-to-be found
In the room with Terri Schiavo
Overturning Roe
April the Twenty-ninth
Around the Blogosphere
Frist's Compromise (heh, heh, heh)
Evil Bush pre-empts Survivor (Grrrrr)
Object to government schools recruiting your kid for homosexuals — get arrested
Pedophiles for choice in Alaska
Search for Jennifer Wilbanks now a criminal investigation
Feds go after soldier who did the right thing
Democrat maverick Zell Miller to emergency room
Mere Capitalism
April the Twenty-eighth
Around the Blogosphere
Mae Magouirk update
Congress and pedophiles for choice play chess
Mind reading machine: Good technology or bad?
Teaching the Bible in government schools
Missing Twelve-year-old found at Wal-Mart
Georgia woman vanishes days before her wedding
Air America threatens to shoot Bush
Georgia requires ID to vote
Pantano goes on trial
EXCLUSIVE!!: Zaqawi's personal password!
Bad career move
Bill Gates complains of lack of “skilled” programmers
“Science” catches up with Christians -- 49 years later
Around the Blogosphere, Part Two
The fickle Supreme Court
The Christian Carnival
April the Twenty-seventh
Around the Blogosphere
Texas defies Pedophiles for Choice
Jewish group founded to defend Christians
Gasp, child claims teacher spanked him!
When do Blacks get charged with ‘hate’ crimes?
No WMD — oh, except for those
How much does bad science cost?
Hostage in Iraq, Roy Hallums, part 3
April the Twenty-sixth
Around the Blogosphere
Is Judge Greer actually a judge?!?
Taran Francis
Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act gutted
Anti-Christian bigotry rips into the calendar
Missing toddlers found drowned
Beware of Democrats offering to compromise
Religion, politics and discrimination
Democrat hypocrites scramble to cover their own ethics problems
Allowing terrorists to dictate US policy
Ohio school takes a swat at better discipline
Letting go to get a better grip
April the Twenty-fifth
Around the Blogosphere
At 60 today, the UN's only hope may be John Bolton
Around the Blogosphere: Life, Faith and Culture
Around the Blogosphere: Politics, Terrorism and Freedom
Around the Blogosphere: Excellent posts
In memory: Berlin Carlton
April the Twenty-second
Mississippi dares to allow Constitutionally allowed speech!
Microsoft criticized for not meddling in politics
Very light blogging today
Can we send donations to pay his fine?
Hostage in Iraq, Roy Hallums, part 2
What Gender is Your Brain?
Homeschool Blogroll!!
Carnival of Education
April the Twentieth
Round-up: Reaction to
Around the Blogosphere
UPDATE: Mae Magouirk
Malaysian government violates Quran
What First Amendment?
Yet another reason to homeschool
Exactly who is being discriminated against?
You must live with the consequences of your decisions
Laughing all the way to the fridge
Pope Benedict the Sixteenth
UPDATE: Hostage in Iraq, Roy Hallums
Revolution or Independence?
April the Nineteenth
Around the Blogosphere
Catholics and Baptists
Minutemen success
Around the Blogosphere, Part Two
Around the Blogosphere, Part One
Lonnie Mullinax goes home from hospital
April the Eighteenth
God was busy...
THIS JUST IN: Biased media see no media bias!
Does Dean have no shame?
Hiding the truth in Illinois
Clara Martinez out of danger
Update: Mae Magouirk
April the Sixteenth
My Sites, religious
The Republican Party Document
April the Fifteenth
Around the Blogosphere
Kansas Board of Education debate Religion of Evolution
Islam spread by the sword
Justice delayed or just ice Delay?
Mae Magouirk: Today's news
Book Review: The Jordon Tracks by Steven Wise
Glenn Reynolds’ monolithic view of America
April the Fourteenth
The C in ACLU
Around the Blogosphere
Mae Magouirk: News from Ken Mullinax
The growing Culture of Death
The worship of “choice”
Bidding on the Host
Day of Truth
There’s science and there’s “Science”
Corrupt Manuscript returns to Sinai
April the Thirteenth
Around the Blogosphere
Gaddy and Boyd smell worse each day
Terri Schiavo backlash: The political price of endorsing murder
Pedophiles for Choice
Sextuplets celebrate first birthday in spite of doctors advice that they be aborted
Day of Sodomy
Media Morons
Irreligious intolerance
Intelligent legislation to prevent unintelligent education
April the Twelfth
Around the Blogosphere
Mae Magouirk: Setting the record straight
John Bolton: The right man for the job
Beth Gaddy: Still working at being the next Michael Schiavo
April the Eleventh
The murder of Terri Schiavo reminds some to “Never Forget”
Around the Blogosphere
Mae Magouirk: updated timeline and commentary
Astrophysics as religious dogma
Mae Magouirk air-flighted to hospital!
Update: Mae Magouirk
They're murdering Mae Magouirk!!
Around the Blogosphere
Beth Gaddy: Michael Schiavo wannabe
Dumb, Dumber and Democrat
Governors gone wild
Substantive support
Good news, bad news
This just in...
Around the Blogosphere, SE
April the Seventh
Around the Blogosphere
Here we go again!
More fallout from Terri's murder
ACLU continues to turn the Constitution on its head
Googling my house
April the Sixth
Around the Blogosphere
Terri's memorial mass draw crowd of over 800
The fight continues...
One dumb Senator, one smart judge
Does dehydration count?
Pedophiles for Choice
Judges and legislators fight the will of the people
Exporting the culture of death
Treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause
April the Fifth
Around the Blogosphere
Around the Blogosphere: Terri Schiavo
Whose side is Cheney on?
The myth of “choice”
The Networks still don't get it
Volunteers annoy government workers
Honoring the sacrifice
An antidote to the Segway
Christians, politics and Terri
April the Fourth
Mike the murderer in hiding with police protection
Zogby set the record straight
Palestinian television eggs on terrorism
Congress: The scarecrow in need of a brain
How to raise an axe murderer
Where are your treasures stored?
CBS plans to do movie about Terri Schiavo...unless we convince them otherwise
Inherit the pedophile
Pope John Paul II
April Fool
MemoGate II
Greer attempts to hide the truth
“Living” Wills
Today's commentaries
Today's blog roundup
Death by default
Our American Kryptocracy
Does Michael Schiavo's sadism know no bounds?
America murders Terri Schindler-Schiavo
March the Thirty-first
OpEd Roundup
Blogger roundup
The Passion of Mel
Of posturing Senators and cowering dogs
11th Circuit Court of Sadism
Disabled fear new Nazi America
Government imposed religion
Neurologist's report on Terri Schiavo
Appeals court plays sick game with suffering parents
OpEd Roundup
Terri Schiavo: Blogger roundup
Love the title
And they said there was no hope
Will Greer order the Pope's feeding tube removed, too?
Faith with feet
Wait -- they can do that?!?
Death doctor contradicts himself
Will the death merchants take the CodeBlueBlog challenge?
Jerry Falwell in critical condition
More stupidity from the courts
Courts defend the brain dead (as in stupid)
Google hypocrites
Supreme jest
Our Military and Iraq
Terri Schiavo roundup
MSM snobs
P2P alerts
Speaking of Child Porn
What have you done for me lately?
March the Twenty-ninth
Terri Schiavo OpEd roundup
Terri Schiavo blog roundup
Felos, sicker than we thought
Greer gambles with the lives of police
Is this the system we want?
The opposite of PROgress...
Supreme Court empowers pedophiles
One for the good guys
I guess the First Amendment isn't in their curricula
Update from Cheryl Ford
Terri Schiavo OpEd/Blog roundup
The Michael Schiavo guide for murdering your wife and getting away with it.
Ever growing ripples
Mindless Media Myrmidons
Must be torture
The diversity of true compassion
Cheryl Ford: What Happened To “The Best of America?”
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance...
Fight4Terri email alert: ~Terri~
Terri Schiavo Roundup: The Nightmarish Land of Oz
The shame on Southern Baptists
Terri Schiavo blogging roundup
It's not just Terri Schiavo dying in that's America
“American Family Raped by Judicial Corruption”
Terri Schiavo update
BREAKING NEWS: National leaders call for drastic reform
Congressional impotence
No excuse
Jeb Bush hero of who?
The inconsistent courts
Terri Schiavo OpEd/Blog round-up
Exit Terri, enter the Fourth Reich
If only Jeb Bush had Anne Coulter's...uh...testicular fortitude.
Terri Schiavo blogger roundup
March the Twenty-fourth
Dispatches from the war front
Michael Schiavo the wife beater
The euphoric joys of dehydration
Reaction across the nation
Confronting The Judicial War On Faith Conference
Who will protect us from the law?
The War on Life
Breaking news: Press Conference
FoxNews should put their money where their mouth is.
A rebuttal to James Joyner
Two more nurses expose Michael Schiavo's abuse of Terri
UPDATE: Action items for March 23rd
Latest roundup of blogs about Terri
Remember Evan Scott?
Who's talking about Terri
When nobility was a virtue
March the Twenty-third
The war for Judicial Oligarchy
More MSM lies
Email Jeb Bush with this idea!!
Terri Schiavo Update: Nurse fired for telling the truth about Hospice
March the Twenty-second
Clinton nominated judge rules for death
Neurologist who examined Terri says she can swallow and eat by mouth
The fight in Florida not over
Terri's parents get to see her, say she's doing well
The media is biased?!? No! Surely not!
Don't they call that fishing in a barrel?
Terri Schiavo: Observations and links
Taking a closer look at the law, Terri and Judge Greer
35,000+ dead...
Save the children, just not those children, right?
Building nations without chests
Cheese-eating, surrender monkey's -- who hate Jews
...because words mean something
This just in: Google still stupid!
March the Twenty first
Lies the MSM tell about Terri Schiavo
Terri Schiavo update from Cheryl Ford
House passes Terri's law 203-58
Michael Schiavo once again defies judge greer's orders
Terri Schiavo update: Two Liberal Congressmen fight to murder Terri
Contempt for Greer to be made official
URGENT: Terri Schiavo update
Terri Schiavo: Starving for a Fair Diagnosis
Bad Medicine
The Cranford Diagnosis
Terri’s Future — And the Issue Of Truth
What not to name your kid
Peter Jennings: Liar or moron?
Terri Schiavo: This just in...
Sicko Michael (no not Jackson, Schiavo)
The latest news about Terri
Live blogging: Terri Schiavo, Part 3
Live blogging: Terri Schiavo, Part 2
Live blogging: Terri Schiavo
March the Eighteenth
Busy day for Terri's supporters
Stealing from Terri
The sacred cow of choice
“No, really, it's raining. It just looks yellow.”
Geographic cheats
Now, where is the Taj Mahal?
Nazi Yarns and Tales
A band-aid on a broken leg
Husband of the year
Arkansas politics
Population and Economic in Merry Ole England
Censorship or bug?
Professional blogger?
Andre Norton
March the Seventeenth
Terri Schiavo update
Death by the numbers
Religious liberties
Ward Churchill, again
Moonbat alert
Across the blogosphere
Media bias
Judicial tyranny
Freedom in Lebanon
Foreign idiots
Domestic idiots
Devaluing women
Iraq update
Homeland insecurity
The Titanic's deck chairs
Bush country
Partial repayment of what's owed
Chinese fact checkers
Torture is in the eye of the...oh, please not the eye!!
Law and order
Strange bedfellows, indeed
Wait'll Howard Dean hears
Exposing envirowhackos
Here's to oily moose
Dropping the “R” bomb
Please don't feed the Tech guys
Humor, ar, ar
March the Sixteenth
The latest on Terri Schiavo
More pedophiles for choice
Murderer gets away
How can they kill babies if kids abstain?
The slippery slope of Malthusianism
Outsmarting the bullies
Why can't Hollywood get it that good guys win?
This joke is getting sick
Trouble's a brewin'
Stealing from widows
Maybe it's the water
I bet he gets unemployment
The joys of socialized medicine
Sliding another inch into the slime
Exporting our culture
Online shopping
March the Fifteenth (The Ides of March)
Hope remains for Terri
Indiana Pedophiles for Choice
Ginsberg's remaining brain cell shows activity
California judge declares himself dictator
A breath of fresh air
Christians and Jews
Great, white, northern anti-semites
Give ’em hell, Tony
The price of political correctness
Hope for Nichols
Those dispassionate Brits
“Trust us, we’re the United Nations”
Who's defending the defenders?
Talk about reality TV!!
March the Fourteenth
Mel speaks up for Terri
The biased press on Terri Schiavo
The latest on Terri's Law
Barbara Simpson on Terri Schiavo
Because life is sweet
Lets have more honesty in acronyms
Apparently some people are more equal than others
The precedence of nonsense
What if the shoe were on the other foot?
Setting the record straight
Standing up for their ruling
How to get Iran's attention
Useful idiot of the week
Exploiting terror
The NYTs lost their playbook
The continuing CU saga
Liberal bloggers beg for attention
The economics of wealth
Why would they lie?
Insert plutonium into framistat B...but first...
Getting the right judges
Atlanta court shootings
March the Eleventh
A noble gesture, nonetheless
The Florida DCF regroups
Greer must be impeached
Juggling the Constitution for profit
The camouflage of “choice”
Getting away with murder
California schools censor Christians
China brags of arresting Christians
Accommodating religion
More bogus news from the Arab Press
Dirty Harry couldn't count either
Next time they may not just talk
Let me guess...from the inventors of midnight basketball?
Name dropping blogs
Bush rage
Make money by running off customers
Why our soldiers shoot at cars that don't stop
Mine usually just scratches me
Not loaded, eh.
Greer declares himself above the law
March the Tenth
Why Greer wants Terri dead
Life is not an inconvenience
A choice in ignorance is no choice
Defending the defenseless
Nonsense from the Religious Left
More persecution of Christians
An act of futility
Smarter than we thought
Censoring Christianity
Progressive Europeans
Hillary in sheeps clothing
Two great OpEds
The hard bigotry of...well, bigotry
Think before you drink
Dangerous plans
Yeah, but how can ya stay mad at the people that gave us Pizza!
Harvard needs to go to school
Of course the MSM is going to buy it
Two for the price of one
Is meth bad?
March the Ninth
“Terri’s law” goes Federal
Hiding abuse with murder
Say what?!?
What's sauce for the goose...
...should be sauce for the gander
Harvard's new speech codes
Teaching morals
How to cover up a volcano
Same lies, new package
What new story does Sgrena have today?
Can I laugh now?
Deeper inside the “Religious Right”
March the Eighth
Greer: Embarassing the judicial system
The truth about Terri
Greer: obstructing justice?
Please pay no attention to that agenda behind the curtain
They can't even win when they cheat
The joke that's not funny any more
Rocky mountain high -tail
Sgrena's story just doesn't add up
Reasoning with the enemy
But aren't Liberals always saying, criticism is good? does what?
Sometimes it's who you know
Unicorns and dragons
The double standard at CU
March the Seventh
The Florida DCF, Terri and Suncoast hospices.
CAUTION: Gramma armed with a Bible!!
CAUTION: Veteran armed with the Constitution
It's designed to what's the surprise?
When profits are more important than principles
Dumb...or smart?
Wolves in sheep's clothing
The Constitution as a chess board
The divisive complain about divisions
When peaceful Arabs visit Israel
The UN is a landmine
The flight of the Italian grouse
Maybe it was Gollum
Stand-in comedian
That was some headache!
A plea for Terri
March the Fourth
So which verb tense is legal?
The droolers and their useful idiots
Will Greer defy even a Congressional act?
PVS recovery cases
Lost...and starved?
I told you so
More from the intolerant left
Government schools: Only closed minds wanted
Did CBS affiliate's reporters harrass Christians?
AFA Calls WAFF's bluff
The ebb and flow of time
So, where's the beef?
Hurry, toss more money!
Witch hunt?
Fool me once, shame on you...
All the news that's fit to ignore
Ha, that's nuthin'
Raven Furbert update
Two pieces on Terri Schiavo
March the Third
Judicial incompetence or something worse?
Terri Schiavo aided by two previously disinterested parties
Is the Greer machine unraveling?
Murder a human right?
Christian persecution in China
Christian persecution in India
D'ja hear the one about the nine old people in black robes?
The freedom to excel
The wake of Tuesday's idiocy
The fruits of hate
Planned Genocide
CNN down; Fox up
The politics of math
Maybe if they were lesbians
More Google shenanigans
GodBlogCon 2005
The life of a Queen
March the Second
Why do they want to murder Terri?
Finally some attention
The rules of choice
The UN's continued disrespect for women
That imaginary Amendment
Something else for the MSM to ignore
Waiting in line
...speaking of which
...and the winner is...
Freedom perverted
Freedom of the press?
Supreme stupidity
Robinhood on his head
Academic double standards
Fudging the numbers
Blogging by the numbers
Talk radio blues
Exploiting the disadvantaged
Annie get your guns
Tony's Snow's cancer update
The GOP's secret weapon
When life hands you lemons...squeeze 'em on a lobster!
UPDATE: Judge Greer Obstructing Justice
March the First
Michael Schiavo: “When is that bitch gonna die?”
The UN is concerned about women?
Liberal “tolerance”
The UN: Using women and children as shields
Fearing the truth
Arizona left holding the bag
Empowering the people is always good
Where are the flying cars?
Blaming the wrong people
Rather a mess, isn't it.
The Terminator v. Meathead
Interesting idea on handling immigration
February the Twenty-eighth
Oscar who?
The fight for Terri's life
Bootleg video show the truth
Justice Coalition joins the fight
Working their way up to YOU!!
Can we blame it on the metric system?
How Palestinians make peace
Trouble brewing with the Druze
Greed, music and piracy
Fighting hunger with hunger
February the Twenty-seventh
February the Twenty-Sixth
February the Twenty-fifth
Justice delayed...again
Terri Schiavo: Some quotes and links
Vindication in Simpsonville
Deadly, assault, office supplies
How far left is too far?
A battle won
Pedophiles for Choice
Does the “B” stand for “Bigots”
The American Jury: a non-sentient organism?
Feeding the hand that bites you
The Democrats new obsession
Immigration woes
A hero in Texas
Gifts for Terri: 48-hours and a CPF investigation.
The heritage of faith
A peek at one of tomorrow's leaders
When Marxism meets Jihadism
Judges play games with lives
Glimpses of the New World Order
The Democrat double standard
Battles abroad and at home
Wead rather not
Peace at what price?
Damocles' sword
Who's policing the police?
Triple homocide
More from the World Council of the Clueless
Selectively defining hate
A sorry excuse for an apology
Administrators out of their league
Myth exposed as myth
Maybe they'll have doughnuts
Shhh, I'm spying
A rose by any other name...
Clueless collegiates
Tinseltown tiffed
Back at ya
Full time blogging?
The Media lie; children die
Terri is safe for the moment at least.
“But we thought we were supposed to throw them away”
As if they don't have enough to bother about already
And he's an Orthodox Jew
Unerreporting the underreported
Sounds like a John Kennedy Toole novel to me
Apparently not all religions are created equal
World Council of the Clueless
Hey, Iran, heads up
Two stories...or one?
Uh, I don't think so
The missing Clinton Tapes
Rice '08?
The close of the Rehnquist era
Keynes is whirling in his grave
Conservative humor
The Wead among the Bushes
The folly of “outing”
The unfunny sitcom called the Human Rights Commission
The AAA(L*)S *Leftist
The capitalism of information
The new, old CNN
USS Ironic
Chinese chess
Buying off Michael Schiavo
I thought Never Again meant Never Again?
Christians attacked in India
Symbols of peace
The ghost of Jason Blair
Will Disney destroy Narnia?
Maybe only in Massechussets
Raven Furbert back in the news
I forget. What number am I up to?
“You're a Christian. You have no rights”
Closed minded “science”
Bill Maher does it again
Liberals to Roe: shut up, you served your purpose
Tiller the Killer strikes again
Philly Five finally free
Once again -- Bible is correct
Disability activists get active
New motion for Terri
Your tax dollars at work
Rising Sun
Cosby off the hook
Harvard: brains optional
Bush was right?!?
Taiwan: the free China
Ilario Pantono threatened
Persecution in Iran
You're only imagining it
In the proud tradition of Yassar Arafat
The screaming bigot
“Fairness” doctrine
Slacker Mom
Tulsa World v. BatesLine
Are they using Bill Clinton's dictionary?
Sometimes the truth is unpleasant
The UN game
But they make all that cheap crap we like to buy
History repeating itself?
More hoops to jump through
So then who is qualified?
Legislating cyberspace
Education or indoctrination?
Big Brother isn't watching anymore
Fighting for Terri
Recognition well deserved
Legislating lifestyles
No, that's too far
At least some people are thinking
Emphasis on the BS
The ole double standard
First Amendment: Christians need not apply
BBC promotes anti-semitism
Yeah, the media's to blame
How the Palestinians keep peace
Intro to Israeli/Palestinian peace
Unity or “unity”
Williams plays the race card
The face of Italy
Grand theft plywood
Is CBS fessing up?
More on Lt. Ilario Pantano
Pajamas at the gate
Schindlers struggle to save daughter's life
Something you can do to help
When is a hate crime not a hate crime?
Board remembers First Amendment
Court ignores First Amendment
Who's the American?
Update: Hudson High Hypocrites
USAID accused of human rights abuse
Scapegoats put up fight
Reporters lose appeal over CIA leaks
Is it the principal or the money?
And now for some local news
A New Gang In Tulsa
Add to your prayer list
The Jackson trial
Let's get it right this time
What's Google up to?
The case of Ilario Pantano
What's Michael got to hide?
Economics and Immigration
Like Liberals never have rebellious kids
How to raise a Dutch axe murderer 101
Who put these people in charge?!?
...and if that wasn't bad enough
Fair weather freedom
Distinctions matter
Case in point
Oxymoron: Middle East Peace
Knesset member at RNBC
Compassion should be above differences
Google exposed
The Scarlet Letter
The thing about chinese food...
Judge Greer's obsession with killing Terri
The intolerant left
Christians being censored
Mixing state and church
Wal-Mart & child labor laws
Ignore the obvious --blame homeschooling
New scam?
Attack of the GoogleBots
Follow-up on photo
Iragi freedom
Close call
Happy Valentine's Day
North Korea: The little kid that thinks he's a bully
Suicide mission?
Something more for our soldiers to fear
Well it works for dogs and cows doesn't it?
The dirty draft secret
An hour ealier and she could have simply killed him.
So who dislikes Jews, hmmmmm?
How do you say Orwell in Swedish?
Why does it even matter?
Commentary will be late tomorrow
Our pliable Constitution
Schooling here and there
The Ministry of Truth
Pandora's precedences
Terri Schiavo: the battle continues
Holocaust survivors might disagree, I think
Open minds and Evolution
Good charity
Peace, Palestinian style
Good idea, bad wording
Paying the piper
2 billion telemarketers
Blame it on the blarney
Recommended reading
Lower your ratings in 3 easy steps
Sauce for the goose
Pick your fights carefully
The Bill that didn't
The law is blind, and sometimes batty
Tiny monument to life
Apeals court turns a deaf ear on Terri Schiavo's parents
...and if that wasn't enough...
Apologies to Major K
The price of appeasement
Isn't that the Smallville school paper?
Absent abstinence
Educational neglect
Ivy laden gulags
Rubbing it in
Pray for the peace in Jerusalem
Condi, what a woman!
More online stalking by terrorists?
Dean's new direction for the DNC
Good news for Terri Schiavo
First Amendment to what?!?
“Cease fire” observed, for now
What “Made in China” really means
Finally making sense in PA
America to the rescue, again
Cheaper drugs at whose expense?
Kinsey exposed
Ah, the French
Mattis v. Dean
Dr. Laura's son to join Special Forces
Beating up an endangered species
The Dems' catch 22
The DNC poster boy in the news
The good...
..the bad...
...and the ugly
The festering plague of cynicism
You tell 'em!!
Purple fingers
C&F: St. George
Winning against extremists
“Adopt a Sniper”
Cogressional Medal of Honor update
Policing the police III
Update on the Philly 5
Chalk one up for the good guys
The law and the Bible
The real intolerance
If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.
Commentary on the State of the Union Address
Churchill, a fraud too?
Post-election stress disorder
Government assault on homeschooler
The bigots that cried “wolf!”
Stupid crooks
Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith
Is this a joke?
Nation mourns the capture of toy
State of the Union Preview
When “I know” means “well...I sorta, like, heard”
No, it's not pronounced “Schmuck”
Challenging Lemon
Churchill, no, the stupid one
Anti-Christian bias at universities
Day of Purity
La Quinta and fleas
A letter home
Must see photo
The New Jersey Martyrs
Murder by any other still murder
...But here the catch...
Has Soros finally been caught?
Reason #4,579 why I homeschool
When challenged, they run
Like, what First Amendment?
Free for a limited time!
Kudos to the Iraqi people
Kofi spills
Cox & Forkum, 1-30-05
Check it out
Living up to the Nazi image
Anti-Christian bigotry in Virginia
Bigotry there and here
On the Zero Tolerance front
The fires of Molech burn on
Reason #4,578 why I homeschool
Planned Parenthood president resigns
Until then...
And what's your mutant ability?
"Mom, I'm at work!!"
Enough is enough
More from the intolerant left
Education and the internet
Petrified brains
Voting, use it or lose it
Touching photo
Never forget, never ever forget.
The blogging revolution blogs revolution
He should've played the Jack
Cox & Forkum, 1-27-05
Reality is stranger than fiction
Even paranoids have enemies
Vermin report
When a hate crime is a misdemeanor.
Fires of Molech, revisited.
The Secular State?
Put a cork in it, Ted.
Here's a good joke
Libs never get Intelligence anyway
The real story on Dobson and Sponge Bob
Policing the police II
Policing the police
Supreme dissapointment
Excuses, Excuses
The Carson Era
Liberals trash the Constitution again
Straight from the Dem Lib Handbook
Reason #4,577 why I homeschool.
What do Moslems have to fear?
Germany persecutes homeschoolers
Supreme Court hears Terri Schiavo's case
Adoption in the news
Former Klan member blocks Rice Confirmation
Sometimes stupid people need laws.
Senate confirms Rice, but...
God always gets the last laugh
What new look?!?
Planned Parenthood Racist? Say it ain't so!
So what if he offended some wackos!!
Evolutionists revise their dogma again.
New Motion Filed for PhillyFour (I mean Five)
When a hero isn't a hero
Video of the "Horrible Crime"
Staples tries playing both sides
Great column by Don Feder
Teenager arrested for "quoting the Bible"
New motion filed on behalf of Terri Shiavo
ACLU backs down
Didn't they used to stone Christians?
Andrea Yates back in the news
Newdow up to his same old stupidity
Disasters tend to bring out the best...and the worst...
Stay-at-home parents
Liberalism Exposed
The real Terri Shiavo
The Philly Four
God never makes mistakes...
Reason #4,576 why I homeschool.
Okay, so like -- here's the deal...
More intolerance from the left
VP Debate BlogBites
My take on the debate
Remember it's not called pBS for nothing.
ADL v. Teddy Roosevelt
Is it called a blogalanche?
CBS didn't learn its lesson
Kerry campaign clutching frantically at any tactic in desparation
The ever compassionate Katie Couric
This day in history
CBS Producer on Thin Ice After Guard Story
Homeschoolers hit campaign trail
More economic ignorance.
Homeschoolers portrayed as terrorists
Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert
Kerry's Web of Connections
Really, do we need anything else to know why he's unfit to be President?
Kerry caught again
Hypocrisy watch
Election strategies for beginners
The Limits of Human Endurance
The Kerry Legacy can't seem to check their own facts.
Those Orwellian Liberals
101 uses for Bill Clinton's Memoires
Kerry, the diligent public servant (LOL, right)
Liberal Actors and Hypocrisy
The Theft of Reagan's Legacy
You might be a Liberal if . . .
Warning: No Thermonuclear Devices Allowed at This Web Site!!
Little Rock, 1984
Sorry for the lack of attention
Get Thee Behind Me Fried Chicken
Why the internet looks so darn crappy.
Civil rights, then and now
Bush's evil plan for using Iraqi oil to boost the economy revealed!!!
Substantive Support
War Protesters, What Can I Say
An Interesting Article. A Must Read
Jack's Radio Guide
More nonsense from the 9th circuit
Grieving, and Rejoicing
Becoming the Enemy
The purpose of rules.
To the rectal opening that threatened me
What, me worry?
Morons Against War
Nancy's still right
Why don't newspaper writers read newspapaers once in awhile?
Absolutely too funny.
The Red-Headed Kid.
Is Edwards a rabbit?
Won't War make our Economy suffer even more?
Taking a giant step into the future -- and I like it!
Once again the real story (after a little digging) turns out to be quite different than is reported by the media.
Kids 4 Sale
Why I've been suspiciously AWOL lately.
Warfare by Remote Control
The newest "Conservative Revolution"
Was Wellstone Assassinated?
Oklahoma, cockfighting, Liberals and hypocrisy
Oh, no!! Serious security breach!!!
Oklahoma in bloom wallpapers
Seems to me they've lost focus of the meaning of focus.
Rules for a polite debate, Muslim style
Moslems Riot and Kill Over Being Called Violent
Who owes who?
The Conference on [snicker] Race is finally over
Jeff Foxworthy - hatemonger? Hardly.
Priceless, just priceless
So who's the liar?
Welcome to Amerika.
The Tax Genie
Why the world does not revolve around little Johnny.
Why can't these people ever figure this out?
D'ya think she really even cares?
So does that make the other 300 million of us Moslems?
Hey Saddam, is that a nuke in your presidential palace or are you just glad to see us?
New Calendar utility
Sorry for not contributing much lately
In memory of Rich Mullins
Phones and Intelligence
Canadian College Rewards Hate
America in Flight 93
What Lends Credibility to This Conspiracy Theory.
Greens, Libs and Enviro-Wackos disappointed with Johannesburg.
I found something for the fleas
Update on Gracie's Kittens
Gracie had her kittens
And I thought Pregnant Women Could Be Demanding
The Proverbs 31 Woman
Go Around, Idiot!
Illustrating My Point
Did anyone else catch Weekend at Bernie's III this weekend?
Some Basic Principles of Logic
Another Child Taken
Would We Have Done Differently?
Hamas Vows Retaliation Against Israel
Man Them Guvmint Peoples is Smart.
Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!
Then There's Casey
And the Prisoners Get all the Fun
My Favorite Quotes
Why Atheists and Agnostics Are So Fun to Debate.
The Media Aren't Biased, Are They?
It's Not Bad, You Just Haven't Figured Out Why It's Good, Yet
The Enron Syndrome Explained (As Best I Can)
The Magic of a Four Year-Old Little Girl
Our Imaginary Economy
The Reviews Are In!
Sorry about the lack of attention.
So What's the Deal With Vouchers, Anyway?
Sunday Morning Blues
Plant Melons, Grow Melons
Our Dog Now Has His Own Cat.
Addition Ruled Unconstitutional
Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game
Forget the Terrorists, We Need Protection from the Courts!!
A quick comment on a proposed Palestinian State
Gardening With Jack, Part 2
Suicide Bombing and the Bible
Fruit Flies
The Vast Ocean of American Economic Ignorance.
Palestinian "Freedom Fighters"
Gardening With Jack, Well, Such As It Is.
Where's the Orkin Proctologist When You Need Him
Movie Ratings Nonsense
Conquering the World in the Name of [Insert Religion Here]
Father's Day
A Day in the Life of Gracie
Counting the dead in Israel
Now, where was I?
April showers bring May censorship.
I escaped, don't pay the ransom!
Sorry, there's not much new lately
An Expected Double Standard
A Liberal Success Story
Finally it makes sense
Outright Audacity
Let's hold that thought
On Arming Pilots
Columns Worth Reading
The Guy Lottery
I knew the French were arrogant, but . . .
New for some, not for others
Columns Worth Reading
Oh, my, and their salad forks weren't even chilled
Gagging at Gnats While Swallowing Camels
The Myth of ADD: How Chemistry Makes Parenting a Spectator Sport
The Fires of Molech in America
Columns Worth Reading
They Just Need More Practice
Another Windmill Fades Away
Columns Worth Reading
Those annoying Deists
Columns Worth Reading
The Arab and the Jew
Is the NY Times Homophobic?!?
More Working Families Seeing Taxes Raised . . . Big Surprise.
Columns Worth Reading
Buttinsky ex-Presidents
Ding Dong the Witch is dead
Columns Worth Reading
Well, it's something we like to call reality.
Leaving better off than you came. (Movie review)
And the weapon of choice for the 9/11 terrorists was . . .?
Ya Gotta Love Those Israelis
Columns Worth Reading
Raw transcript of Arafat preparing his speech
Conflicting Stories from the Church of the Nativity
Bush: the Man with the Plan
Ant Bites Elephant on Rear. Elephant says, "Ouch!"
Columns Worth Reading
Almost a happy ending
Pro-Abortionist forces can't seem to be consistent
Liberal and the Media keeping one eye closed
Columns worth reading
One more reason why the UN is an anachronism
Those peace lovin' Palestinians
So this is a Web Log