Mulligan Stew v. Pseudo-Smorgasbord

Today [April 9, 2008] one of my sons commented that this is Hispanic Heritage Month. He’s noticed that there seems to be only a select few “heritages” that get a month, and ask me if there was an “Asian Heritage Month”.  I explained that since Asian-Americans as a group tend to have higher than average income and manage to get into the better colleges in greater proportion than their percentage of the population, they tend to be ignored as a cultural group. Jews seem to have the same problem. Their success is deemed a disqualifier for recognition of their contributions to the history of the nation. It makes no sense why their culture, heritage and contributions would be any less than other groups simply because they have a better comprehension of how to utilize the opportunities available to all Americans, but that is how some feel they should be treated. What is observed during Jewish-American Heritage Month (May) is holocaust awareness, important, but hardly the sum total of Jewish heritage or contributions to American society. So why observe only some or part of some heritages? The cruelty of condescension masquerading as charity
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