Bone Marrow Donors are covered when they say, “Yes”

When people have been asked to donate, they’re already swamped with work, school, and other obligations. A lot of donors worry they can’t afford to say “yes.” That’s why Be The Match offers assistance to make it easier to save someone’s life. In addition to all medical costs, we also arrange and cover travel costs for the donor and a companion, and cover other expenses on a case-by-case basis. These include:

TRANSPORTATION – including taxi, parking, and airfare
HOTEL – if a donor needs to travel
MEALS – while away from home
WAGES & TIME OFF – which we can arrange and cover by working with our donors’ employers
CHILD CARE & PET CARE – should a donor need either handled or covered

When a patient’s life is at stake, we do whatever we can to help their donor be their cure.

I’m on the registry. Are you?

—Danny Carlton