Why “Crumb and Get It” refusing to serve Joe Biden is not hypocrisy…

In 2012 a Virginia restaurant, Crumb and Get It, refused service to then vice-president. Liberals are now saying Conservatives are being hypocrites for condemning the Red Hen, “when they praised” Crumb and Get It owners, Chris and Kelly McMurray. They forget a lot of details, though.

Biden wasn’t quietly stepping in with his family for a bite to eat. He was planning a full-fledge photo-op with media, cameras, the whole works. Sarah Sanders, on the other hand, simply entered quietly with her family to the Red Hen and made no fuss about who she was, didn’t bring reporters and photographers to blast the media with pictures of her eating there. The following media blast was cause entirely by the owners.

The McMurray’s were asked ahead of time for permission to do the photo-op, and he said no. He didn’t kick the Bidens out after they’d already quietly sat down to eat.

It’s a difference between behaving like a private citizen and behaving like an entitled Political Elite. Liberals of course, can’t really see the difference.