Why the “Gini” index is a complete fraud…

The “Gini” index (or sometimes called the Gini Coefficient) was create over 100 years ago by Corrado Gini, Mussolini’s “economist” who was a eugenicist (like Hitler and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, firmly believed in killing undesirable races to “improve” humanity) and even wrote in praise of Fascism (what Fascism was then, not the imaginary kind Liberal morons refer to today, it was real, and it was bad). He was obviously a sick man who thought little of humanity, let alone individual rights, therefore Democrats absolutely love him and his work.

How the “Gini” index works is the top 10%  wealthiest of a country’s population is compared to the bottom 10% poorest. This conveniently ignores the overall wealth of the citizens and compares only the most productive with the least productive. In practice today, any socialist nation who’s “Gini” index starts looking bad, is omitted from the total results, thereby making socialist countries, as a whole, look more prosperous than Capitalist nations. For example let’s compare the United States, a thriving economy where the poverty level (the income level at which one is considered “impoverished”) is actually higher than the median global income level—with Venezuela, a nation rich in natural resources, yet whose population are destitute, famished and dying due to socialism. In 2013 America’s “World Back Gini Index” was 41.0, however Venezuela’s WBGI has not been recorded since 2006, and at that time was 46.9. With numbers ranging from 25 (Ukraine) to 63 (South Africa), this places both the U.S. and Venezuela close together in the middle.

This farce is used routinely by the UN as well as Socialist hell-holes to claim the American government is causing America’s poor to suffer and condemn Capitalism while praising Socialism.

When someone uses it to try to prove how “terrible” America is, refer to the information in this article to set the record straight. It won’t convince my moron who is using stats to confirm his or her bias, but will leave any honest readers better informed as to the ruse perpetrated by this hoax.