Making America Great Again

The U.S. economy grew at a strong rate of 4.1% in the second quarter of the year.  That’s the strongest economic growth in four years and one of the best quarters in the past decade.  Gee, I wonder what changed?

Barack Obama’s policies helped produce one of the worst economic records in American history.  He is the only president since World War II to never experience a single full year of 3% economic growth.

Under Obama, economic growth peaked at 2.6% and averaged around 2% per year.  And we were told over and over again that this was the new normal, that a roaring economy was a thing of the past.

Yet Trump came into office and did the exact opposite of what Obama did.

Obama raised taxes.  Trump and the Republican Congress cut them.

Obama imposed massive regulations on businesses and the economy.  Trump has been rolling back red tape at a record level.

Obama gave us eight years of bigger and bigger government (Obamacare) and more and more pessimism.  He apologized for America and attacked small business owners, telling them, “You didn’t build that.”

Trump came into office promising to make America great again.  And just as he has done on so many other issues, Donald Trump is delivering on that promise.

—Gary Bauer
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