The Politics of Nastiness…

RobinHiggins / Pixabay

At any given time the political landscape in America consists of those extreme in their beliefs, those fervent in their beliefs, those steadfast in the wielding and those who vacillate depending on the mood of society at the time. Unfortunately, the vacillating part encompasses most people.

The dynamics of that creates a phenomenon whereby the extremes can bully the vacillators, some steadfast and occasionally the fervent into tacit approval and support for fear of reprisals. We saw that through a good part of the 20th century as overt racists bullied the bulk of White America into going along with institutionalized racism. Your typical White American had no real interest or concern in the implementation of Jim Crow but didn’t want to become the target of violence and bullying visited on those who vocally opposed Jim Crow.

Eventually, through efforts by both the government (via the Republicans) and the Media, the extremist bullies were silenced enough that the fervent and steadfast who opposed institutionalized racism could speak out without fear and eventually the vacillators sluggishly migrated over to what was being presented as the new mood of society.

The power that the Media wielded in shifting the focus did not go unnoticed by those that controlled the media, and the very quickly began wielding it to implement other goals, ignoring the fact that they were soon becoming the very enemy they had previously opposed.  Thye began manipulating the vacillators into agreeing with an increasingly irrational agenda.

Today we see the Left, using their tool the Media to whip into agreement a large vacillating and mindless mass of people, over concepts only an insane person would have advocated just a few decades earlier. Keeping them ignorant and fearful of retaliation, common people think of Antifa as merely a peaceful group opposing extremism, rather than the truth of being extremists violently opposing anyone and everyone who dares disagree with their warped philosophy.

LGBT activists are using the same tactics, as well as the same tool—the Media—to force their increasingly demented agenda down the throats of Americans. Like a page out of Orwell’s 1984, we see the same people screaming #MeToo, and calling all men rapist while simultaneously demanding adult men be freely allowed to follow little girls into public restrooms.

All because the Politics of Nastiness continues to pay off.

And ironically, the very people who were the victims of the tactic 75 years ago are employing it today, while accusing those they disagree with of supporting the efforts of the very groups they are now copying.