Trump At The Border

President Trump went to the border community of McAllen, Texas, yesterday to meet with Border Patrol agents and make the case for more physical barriers on the border.

Joining the president was Reggie Singh, brother of California Police Officer Ronil Singh, who was gunned down by an illegal alien the day after Christmas.  Singh said:

“The way he [Ronil] was killed, what my family is going through right now, I do not want any other family, law enforcement person, to go through that.  Whatever it takes to minimize, put a stop to it, my family fully supports it.”

The president also met with Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz.  Agent Ortiz told the president:

“Just yesterday we apprehended 133 people from countries other than Central America and Mexico. That includes individuals from India, Pakistan, China, Romania . . . on and on and on. . .

“Mr. President, we have 55 miles of fencing in this sector.  We started a job in 2006. We need to finish that job. . .  Part of our area is covered with some fencing on our east side. That accounts for about 6% of our traffic. Where we have no fencing, over 90% of our traffic occurs in those areas.”

—Gary Bauer
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