Feeding Meaningless Pap to the Mindless Middle

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

A relative posted a link to one of the most assinine articles I’ve ever read. The author (a man who uses a woman’s image, apparently) gives a laundry list of Radical Leftist political points, scrubbed of course to use the kind of language silly “moderates” will fall for, then claims anyone who doesn’t agree isn’t “normal”. I pointed out (to the relative who posted it) that most normal Americans find it offensive to be called right-wing nazis by people who swallow this nonsense. One of their friends immediately replied that I must be afraid of people who aren’t like me, like all white nationalists (in other words, she called me a right-wing nazi for daring to disagree). I was blocked by my relative within a short time, in a typical display of Leftist closed-mindedness, for daring to point out the blatant hypocrisy in the article.

But let’s get to the article itself.
Recently I took an inventory of my positions, screening for the extremism: 
I believe in full LGBTQ rights.
This is a buzz phrase Leftists like to use. It really means…
“I want the right of sincerely religious people to be stripped away so that the small minority (less than 3% of the population) who engages in what’s considered deviant sexual practices can enjoy special rights and force people to help them celebrate their deviancy.”
The article continues…
I believe we should protect the planet.
 Translated this means, “I’m naive and gullible enough to believe the Global Warming nonsense spewed by the Radical Left in their latest attempt to grab political power based on an invented crisis.”
And back to the article…
I believe everyone deserves healthcare.
Need I bother explaining how stupid this is? Healthcare is a service people provide. It costs money. Any time the government subsidizes anything, the prices skyrocket and the quality plummets. Notice it doesn’t say “good healthcare” or even “adequate healthcare” because when the government provides it, it will be neither, but it will be expensive, and paid for by taxes from people who will then find they can no longer afford adequate healthcare, which the ruling elite will still be able to get.
I believe all religions are equally valid.
Except there’s not a single religion that believes or teaches this, meaning that if their valid, this sentence is nonsense. It’s a self-defeating concept.
I believe the world is bigger than America.
Another vague concept that looks true on the surface, but when you get to its real meaning has a hidden agenda. this is about globalism, which is yet another effort the Radical Left use to strip average people of their rights.
I believe to be “pro-life,” means to treasure all of it.
Notice pro-life is in quotes? That’s to belittle it. The sentence implies that pro-life people somehow don’t treasure all life. Its vagueness shouts its insult, based on ignorance. Only a complete moron would think this sentence makes any sense whatsoever.
I believe whiteness isn’t superior and it is not the baseline of humanity.
This implies that there is some mainstream group somewhere that believes it does. There isn’t. There hasn’t been one for more than a half a century. This is based on the myth the Radical Left perpetuates that there’s a power “White nationalist” movement that’s controlling America. This myth is the seedbed for the Radical Left’s efforts to keep racism alive and flourishing. Repeating this lie helps them in that effort.
I believe we are all one interdependent community.
Are you seeing the pattern? Vague phrases that seem innocuous on the surface, but beg for more explanation. The explanation would either be just as vague or implying that to reject the superficial message is to be evil. The real message, however, is more globalism, which is the heart of the Radical Leftist agenda.
You can read the rest if you want, but it’s more of the same nonsense. Vague phrases that seem to sound okay, but hide an undeniable, Radical Leftist agenda.