Memes 6-4-2021 (17 images and an obsrvation)

April 2020…
Conservatives: “COVID may have come from a lab.”
Liberals: “What?!? You’re a kook. That’s just a wild conspiracy theory!”

June 2020-Liberals: “Trump Supporters are so dumb they think the virus originated in a lab.”

Sept 2020-Liberals: “Those MAGA idiot still think the virus was made in a lab.”

Nov 2020-Liberals: “Remember how the Trump people kept saying the virus was made in a lab?”

Jan 2021-Liberals: “Trump’s people are still hanging on to the delusion that the virus was engineered in a lab.”

June 2021-News: “BREAKING: Evidence strongly suggests the virus was made in a lab.”

Conservatives, “See, we were right.”
Liberals, “What? Are you still harping on that? That’s ancient history. Let it go already.”