Memes 9-27-2021 (16 images and a quiz)

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Add 10 points for every item you agree with. Subtract ten point for every item you disagree with. No points if you’re undecided. What’s your score?

– Epstein didn’t kill himself
– Trump won
– Evolution is a religion
– Joe Biden is senile, possibly with Alzheimer’s
– Socialism fails every time it’s tried
– Capitalism lifts all economic classes
– Ayn Rand should be required reading in school
– The First Amendment to the US Constitution forbids the government from interfering with religion. It does NOT forbid churches from doing anything, nor does it forbid religious people from exercising their faith anywhere.
– The National Media, as well as major Social Networks have betrayed the concept of “Freedom of the Press” and have become tools for partisan Leftist politics.
– COVID-19 is just a mild flu being exploited for political purposes.