Do your part…

When I was in college my roommate used to nag me about cleaning our room. The problem was half the mess was his, so I was not very motivated to clean my half when he rarely cleaned his half.

Most Black Americans seem to never grasp that complaining about police violence is going to fall on apathetic ears as long as most Black Americans ignore the problem of crime in Black neighborhoods. Sure you’ll get Liberals to complain with you, but then they love complaining about anything as long as they get to trash America. And you’ll get individuals to agree that police violence is a problem, but collectively white people are not going to respond with much enthusiasm while most Blacks pretend there isn’t a problem with Black crime, Black illegitimacy and Black illiteracy or on the rare occasions when they do admit it’s a problem, blame it on white people.

Clean your half of the room and I bet you’ll be amazed at how quickly the entire room starts looking better. (Or better yet, stop voluntarily segregating yourselves and pick a place to live based on some criteria other than the skin color of the neighbors, like white people have been falsely accused of doing all this time.)