War™, Famine™, Plague™ and the Collectivist Elite

In the mid seventies the Collectivist leaders realized that the threat of War™, which had held the populace in fear for decades, would soon no longer be enough. The scrambled for a new “threat” to frighten ordinary people with in order to convince them to willingly sacrifice rights. The solution was the environment.

By the mid eighties they realized that many of the populace weren’t buying the “sky is falling” scam and an additional threat would be needed. That was when a rare disease dubbed WOGS (Wrath of God Syndrome) hitting exclusively homosexual men, was discovered, renamed AIDS™ and promoted as a new threat to all mankind.

In the mid-nineties war again had come to the forefront and the Collectivist leaders again leaned on that along with their hype about AIDS™ (now created almost exclusively by the deaths of those poisoned by toxic drugs given to anyone testing positive using the inefficient test) along with a heightened marketing of Global Warming™.

After the turn of the century AIDS™ was no longer considered a threat, in spite of the marketing, but 9/11 had created an even more profitable threat and while rebranding Global Warming™ as Climate Change™ spurred added fears among the mindless Left, it did nothing to the rest of the population which had long since realized it was a scam.

With the weakening effects of AIDS™, Climate Change™ and War™, the Collectivist Leaders in the 2010s turned to the fiction threat of Racism™ under the marketing label of “White Supremacy™” allowing the bulk of the populace one of numerous categories to choose from to claim “victim” status and avoid being considered the “evil” majority (which was in fact a minority of people)

Then the Chinese Communist (always dependable Collectivist schemers) invented COVID-19™ and the world went insane. Just like AIDS™ the treatment killed vastly more than the disease itself could have ever hoped to. But the Collectivists Leaders overstepped the usefulness of their newest ploy and caused too much skepticism (along with emptying the government indoctrination centers euphemistically called “Public Schools™” and creating a wide rift of mistrust between the populace and the medical community, weakening the Collectivists’ dependability on using them in any future disease hoaxes). Other disease scares fell flat. Wars were now laughed at. The-Sky-Is-Global-Climate-Warming-Change-Falling™ only fooled the really stupid and gullible so it was worthless.

The only tool the Collectivist had left—one they had reserved for an emergency—was massive voter fraud. And they used it to steal the 2020 election. The problem was their choice of a senile, quasi-pedophilic puppet as president left them appearing weak and the country quickly circling the toilet of both economic and foreign-relations policies, as Americans were realizing that they would soon face an army of IRS agents ready to squeeze every last drop of blood at the point of their government issued AR-15s.

The race was on to cement the vote fraud for the 2022 and 2024 elections in order to finally create an unbreakable hold on freedom and prosperity and control the populace for the pleasure and exploitation of the Collectivist Elite.