The Dirty Secret of Elections and Campaigning

There are two kinds of voters.

There are the smart voters, who understand the issues and study the candidates. For the most part they solidly belong to a political party and are rarely swayed from that party’s candidates. Occasionally a party itself will shift significantly enough that some smart voters will leave and either float as an Independent for a while, and eventually join the other party.

Then there are the rest. I’m not talking about people who don’t vote, but those that do, but also never really take the time to understand the issues or politics very well. These are actually the majority of voters.

These voters respond to superficial campaigning, buzz phrases, momentary issues and other factors as trivial as how the candidate looks and sounds.

The problem comes in how you reach these voters. If you try to be honest with them about the issues they soon become bored. They don’t care about the future, just today. They think “politics” is all a bunch of nonsense. They are swayed by the same kind of flashy emotional marketing that sell soda-pop and laxative.

Collectivists have little respect for individuals, and the Democrat party is the Collectivist party, so they have no qualms at all using shallow, Madison-avenue marketing to win political campaigns.

Republicans, on the other hand, tend to straddle Collectivism and Individualism, therefore still maintain a certain level of respect for the individual and try to base their campaigns more on convincing voters of the real issues and where the candidates stand.

So the Democrats get the morons, and the lazy, who aren’t currently being annoyed by Democrat policies. When Republicans are in office, things tend to go well, so the lazy forget the result of voting for Democrats, and just get tired of the Liberals constantly whining, and vote for them to shut them up. When things are bad (usually because Democrats are in office and are screwing things up) the lazy then shift to the Republicans to solve the problem.

Republicans this year have been whining about how they aren’t as effective in getting votes as Democrats are, but those saying this are playing the “let’s pretend all voters are intelligent” game. Of course the kids want the “fun” parent unless they have a stomach ache from the candy and junk food the “fun” parent just fed them, then they want to strict parent to take care of them.

Throw massive vote fraud on the mix and voila, we have the red ripple of the 2022 midterm elections.