What I posted 10 years ago today…

There are actually three positions regarding same-sex marriage:

1. Those who oppose it.

2. Those who favor it.

3. Those who see no reason it shouldn’t be allowed.

The third group think that it should be allowed because government should be limited, but there is no way to redefine marriage without using the government to force people to accept the “new” definition (or definitions, which will ultimately happen). So for those trying to take a passive, “live and let live” position, such an option does not exist. The only real choices are for marriage to remain defined as is OR to use the might and power of the government to force the majority of Americans who oppose it to accept and endorse it, and forbid them from speaking freely about why it is bad. Such actions are already taking place, all the while the “live and let live” crowd blindly ignores the obvious.