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When I was in college my roommate used to nag me about cleaning our room. The problem was half the mess was his, so I was not very motivated to clean my half when he rarely cleaned his half.

Most Black Americans seem to never grasp that complaining about police violence is going to fall on apathetic ears as long as most Black Americans ignore the problem of crime in Black neighborhoods. Continue reading →

Cancelled by Leftists who hate it when Black people succeed…

Aunt Jemima: The branding of the syrup was a tribute to this woman’s gifting and talents. Now future generations will not even know this beautiful woman existed. What a shame.

The world knew her as “Aunt Jemima,” but her given name was Nancy Green and she was a true American success story. She was born a slave in 1834 Montgomery County, KY… and became a wealthy superstar in the advertising world, as its first living trademark.

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