Memes 4-21-2021 (15 images & a comment)

FRED: “I support bees!”

ME: “Well, you have to be careful because they can sting you.”

FRED: “So you hate bees!”

ME: “No, I’m just saying that while they do good, they also sting, so you should be careful.”

FRED: “Why do you hate bees? Are you one of those people that thinks all bees should be killed?!?”

ME: “No, I think bees are just fine, I simply wanted to point out that they can sting you, so you should be careful around them.”

FRED: “So you hate bees.”

[You’d think this would be an example of trying to talk to a Liberal, and it usually is, but this is actually an example of trying to have a conversation with a typical conservative in the past few days about the police.]

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