Commenting Rules

pixelcreatures / Pixabay


1. Idiots get banned.
2. Being vague then smug is not the same as being witty.
3. Being too stupid to understand the argument does not invalidate the argument.
4. If you can’t convey your thoughts without using profanity it’s extremely unlikely your thoughts are really worth conveying in the first place.
5. While we hate Grammar Nazis, we find people whose lack of grammar skills render their comments undecipherable, almost as annoying.
6. Did we mention that we hate Grammar Nazis? We don’t mean the kind of, “Yeah, they’re a bit annoying,” hate, but a burning, seething, malevolence for the insipid, idiotic tools they are. Real people make mistakes. Only idiots can’t comprehend this. And lack of comprehension of the difference between one or two errors and virtually unreadable nonsense, shows that you are a hypocrite for whining about someone else’s mistake when you yourself lack basic reading comprehension.
7. If it’s not related to the post, don’t post it. And yes that includes any YouTube videos you think we absolutely HAVE to see.
8. Don’t post a link to an image of some text you could have just as easily typed yourself. Seriously, that’s really annoying.
9. Criticism void of context will probably be deleted. (such as, “That’s stupid.” or “Bull”) If you’re too lazy to explain why, then don’t bother commenting.
10. Read the article before commenting to avoid looking like an illiterate moron (especially if you are an illiterate moron).
11. Being the 47th person to point out an error does not make you look smart, in the least.
12. Don’t copy some article, post it and pretend it’s your original thought. We can tell, and it will be deleted (…and you will look stupid).
13. If it’s more than 2 paragraphs (or about 3 dozen words) then it may get deleted. It’s a comment, not a novel. (exceptions will be made to really well written and poignant comments)
14. Using Wikipedia or Snopes as a source means you are an idiot. idiots get banned.
15. Links without context will be deleted. It’s a comment section, not a link section.
16. Take a few second to try to understand what someone is actually saying before getting all smug and condescending. It helps keep you from looking like a smug & condescending moron.